Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have a Cookie (tip)Sheet!

(Edited to add: I just got a request to see all the images, so here you go, I think I will add these to my other tips sheets as well, I can see it does help to see the images I'm talking about as you read, but you can always click on the set name in the post too to be taken directly to the page on Gina K's site!) :)
Pair the cookie stamps with "Home Tweet Home" sentiments from Rupa for the perfect welcome gifts for new neighbors (my 6 year old Jonathan stamped today's sample, stamped in Rich Cocoa memento ink on a winodw bag, cookies made by ME!) : )

I was a little horrified to go back through my blog posts today and see that (eek!) I never posted my tip sheet for one of my favorite releases of mine "Have a Cookie" (why didn't anyone tell me? LOL!) Anyway, here it is, I went ahead and added some links to projects I and other designers have made with the set since November that illustrate many of these tips, so it's even better now! (You can also click on the "Have a Cookie" label on my sidebar and it will pull up all proejcts i've doen with the set, coloring tips as well) With Valentine's day coming up, it's the perfect time for pink and red heart-shaped cookies, isn't it? So xxpect to see new projects and ideas with this set this week! :)

Cutting tips: I trimmed the little crumb stamp away from the cookie it's closest to to use with any of the cookie stamps, just that extra little bit makes it all the sweeter, (crunch!!) I also made clean snips in between the cookie cutter, measuring spoons and the rolled out dough so I could use them separately OR put them all back together spaced like this to make an easy scene.

Use Stickles to pipe on any designs you wish, see stripes on the gingerbread.

Cover your colored icing with Crystal Lacquer. Drop tiny colored beads into the lacquer before it completely dries for sprinkles! or stamp the "sprinkle" image all over before adding the lacquer.

Cover just the chocolate chips using a Sakura Glaze pen.

Use scented embossing powders for a sweet treat!

The single words fit on the top of the cookie(see here) and the fortune in the forutne cookie (see here), or can be used to say: “You are one sweet (smart, etc) cookie!”

Have fun making different cookie combo phrases on the jar “Mom’s Cookies”, “Store Bought Cookies”, Smart Cookies"....

Add googley eyes to the top of the sandwich cookie (the filling will look like a smile)

Make masks of your cookies and stamp them into a stack, see this sample.

Punch out circle or emboss circles on your card to make an easy plate to frame up your cookie images, see here and here.

Stamp your favorite small images from your other stamp sets onto the large round cookie to decorate it. (for example, a flower, etc)

Decorate the cookies with your favorite tiny bling, like heart shaped brads, see this sample!

Make a “made for each other” couple with your gingerbread cookie for Valentine's day, (see here, just change up the colors!)

The longer phrases can be split up to put on the inside and outside of your card. Make one cut in between the first half of the sentiment and the second when you trim and they will stack perfectly back on your block to stamp them together!

Have the gingerbread cookie drag the little Christmas tree cookie. :)

Tie a tag made with this set to a pretty cookie cutter or decorate a jar of cookie mix for the holidays.

Use the star poof of icing and flourishes to make flower and leaf borders on your heart, round cookie, or mats.

Have fun using the decorating bits atop all your cookies or to make sweet patterned backgrounds, see here!

Take a "bite" out of the cookie by tearing a piece a piece of paper into a semi-circle shape and use it as a mask, then stamp cookie over it. Pull away and draw in your line (bite mark!)

Cover the milk and cookie jar with Crystal Lacquer.

Pair the cookies and sentiment "if I had a cookie for every time I thought of you, I'd be one happy woman!" with any of your "lady" stamps! (one like this, coming soon!) :) or pair them up with your animal stamps, pets need treats too, (see Donna's!)

Make doggie treats or kittie cookies for your "Valentine with fur" like Theresa's sample!

Buy a fancy topping and make a label for it to give someone to make their own "Cute Cookies, "Smart Cookies" etc


recipe cards, cookbooks, see Carolyn's sample and Carolina's

aprons (see here) , potholders

advent calendars (see Carolina's)

baked goods containers (see Gina's!)

kitchen magnets and shopping lists (see here)

More fun stuff: check out this sweeeet oven card by Rose Ann!

Create a cookie-shaped card for your stamped images like I did in this tuorial.

Make the simple felt fortune cookies like Donna's, your fortunes are already included in the set! (also don't miss her sweet tee!)

Preserve your favorite baking memories with the set on scrapbook pages, like Erika's here

I know there are soooo many others out there (it took me 2 hours to add just these links!), but I really wanted to share this before I forgot again, so if you have a favorite projects you made with "Have a Cookie", or one you remember from someone else's blog, please link it here for all to see! :) Thanks, I'm off to make some cookies!)


  1. Melanie,
    I would love to see an image of the whole stamp set with the tip sheet ... if that is possible.

  2. My favorite project would be to have BLOG COOKIES! I can't make cookies worth a darn, but they sure sound good, don't they!

  3. thanks. lots of neat ideas. Now I REALLY want this set. Thanks alot! :)

  4. Melanie, after reading all the tips I now have put the "Have a Cookie" stamp set on my wish list. My list at Gina K is way longer than my budget. :o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  5. have this set! So many cute ideas for grandmas to use.

  6. I totally missed the fact you didn't post this either (see how busy we get?) love the pic of 'J' ready to eat the bag of cookies - yum!

  7. Hey Melanie, thanks for the cookie tip sheet. The apron you made your son inspired the whole theme of Olivia's recent birthday party, check out my blog and my SCS gallery for all the details & pics!
    Thanks for the inspiration! everyone had a blast!

  8. What a cute picture!! Thanks for all of the tips and links!!


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