Sunday, December 6, 2009

Away We Go...

Here is a card I made with Rupa's "Are We There Yet?" set. This stamping off technique of stamping your image again and again without reinking (I recently heard it called "generation stamping", makes sense but that term was new to me! LOL!) is one of the first I learned when I began stamping, often it's just to create a variety of colors to make a pattern but you can also create motion with an image like falling leaf or this rolling bicycle. It went well with the "we'll miss you!" sentiment. I added a little row of dots from "Inspiration Mosaic" in front of it, these dots have become one of my favorite images lately, just for when you need a little somethin'! Card uses Pure Luxury Smoky Slate, Black Onyx, Rocket Red and White.

So do you all plan to keep reading blogs in the next few weeks or will you be too busy making holiday plans and preparations?! :) I will be posting soon about what things you'd especially like to see here in the next year. My two year anniversary blogging and illustrating is rapidly approaching!


  1. I will continue to read quickly through the blogs. I have narrowed my selection to about 6 and I read them each day. Some days, I miss but I go back and review. Your blog is one I read. Thanks so much for sharing. I love your style. Have a wnderful holiday.

  2. Melanie -

    I love this card. I've heard of the stamping off technique but I've never tried it. I think I will now. It looks fantasic on this card front. Another beautiful project.

    Thanks - Elaine Allen

  3. OH thats a great idea! It gives the impression of movement! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stamping off was the first technique I learned too. Great card. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great 'movement' Mel :) I love the colour scheme too. I want to go try it out right away...

    As for next year, it is your clever use of stamps and your little 3-d projects that keep me coming back. I love the inventiveness you show and of course your style too.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all. Have a lovely Christmas season.

  6. Why making cards of course....and thesame things I do everyday as a crafter! E V E R Y D A Y!
    Jan Castle


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