Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just wanted to let you know about another option (and many of you already know how this works) about keeping up with me when I post on my blog: following. I already have some followers without advertising that but hadn't added the widget because the first time I tried it wasn't working properly, but that's fixed now. I hadn't gotten it up because I have Feedburner and Feedblitz subscribing options that should send out notices instantly when I post, but I've been getting a LOT of feedback these have not been coming in a timely manner, rats! I don't have any control over what that hiccup is that's causing the delay, so following maybe be your best option if you have a blog of your own. Just click on the "Following" widget in my sidebar and my posts will start updating to you automatically. With the Blogger Reading List, you can read all of the latest posts from your favorite blogs right on your Blogger Dashboard. Your Blogger Reading List, conveniently located under your list of blogs on your dashboard, enables you to subscribe to any blog with a feed. It will update instantly each time a new post is published on any blog in your Reading List.

Some people like following their favorite blogs this way, please let me know in the comments if you already do this for some blogs and how you like it/its working out for you!

If you can't follow, my normal schedule of loading to my blog is every day at 10PM CST , just makes it easier to stay consistent with our other Gina K releases and blog hops, as well as giving people a full 24 hours to view a post, however, there are sometimes exceptions to this, when an announcement needs to be made, or someone is sick around here LOL, you know, when life happens...! Hope you will add me, I don't want you to miss anything! Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you very much. I appreciate being able to follow you and make it easier for me.

  2. I love your blog I have been following for about a year now its always in my inbox but I can go my dashboard to .I dont want to miss anything you always have great thing on your blog .Hugs Sarah

  3. Oh, I love your blog. I get notice everyday in my email and it works great for me. Thank you, I appreciate your talent!

  4. I follow (clicked on the follow button at the top of the blog) and I read it in my google reader. Yeah, Feedblitz and Feedburner are always almost a day late in sending. For those that don't care to follow for one reason or another, you can add the blogs to Google Reader without following and get instant updates when you post.


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