Sunday, January 23, 2011

StampTV Gallery Gazing

In case you were wondering where the usual guest design spots have been this month, never fear, they are on the way! I wasn't able to get sets out to my designers as quickly as usual, but they will have some things to share soon!

Fortunately, I can always rely on finding beautiful , creative samples in the StampTV gallery from our fans and customers any time, so I thought I'd point out two terrific ideas I spotted this weekend using "Where Your Heart Is", both from Elfrieda Everett !! These were FIRST uploads in our STV gallery and I hope she will continue to delight us with ideas like these! Here she used the hands image on card for the current sketch challenge, and I just love the whimsy she created with those bold hearts from "Picture It" stamped again and again bubbling up out of the middle! How perfect for a Valentine or for any time, just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!
The next sample she got crafty with Gina's "Spring Florals", I love this idea of cutting out the heart shaped hole and tuck in a sweet bouquet! So precious, would make such a fun birthday card for a friend, or change up the colors and it would be a very touching sympathy card!! (She has another beautiful sample in the gallery with this idea but changed the design.) She stamped the "God Bless", also from the "Where Your Heart Is" set onto a stamped flower image for the corner, which is a nice addition to the other flowers! I know there must be a ton of other flower images in our Gina K Designs collection that would be just lovely in these hands and I can't wait to hunt through and try them ALL! :)

Well, I'M inspired*, how about you?! just had to share this talent with all of you, welcome to StampTV, Elfrieda!! I think your designs rock! :)

*For the first time in days I'm inspired, can you pray for me, please, so I can get back to stamping?? I have been having real issues with my neck that is causing a lot of pain to sit at my desk and I'm noticing it's starting to affect my right hand again (had some pinched nerve in my neck last year that caused a lot of pain and numbness in my wrist and thumb), trying to take it really easy and do my stretching! More samples soon to come!


  1. Melanie can i just say 'well spotted', those cards are amazing and need to be shared :-)
    praying that you will recover quickly from this discomfort - our God is good, and one of His names is Jehovah
    Rapha - God is our healer.

  2. Sending a prayer for healing your way. Love all your designs and designers as always.

  3. Will definately pray for you Melanie! Awesome finds in the STV Gallery. I love the flowers in the hands idea. Mugs! :o)

  4. Oh Melanie,So sorry you are in pain and is affecting your activities. I pray you will soon recover. God always hears us. I just love your creations and admire your dedication to all of us.God bless you.

  5. Those cards are great inspiration. I will pray for you.

  6. Beautiful designs Melanie and such creative stampers. Certainly does inspire :o) Will be praying for you...

  7. Sorry to hear about your neck, Mel -- hope it is better by now? I know how you feel, literally -- my back was out for most of December and I couldn't sit at my desk much, either. :( All is better (for now) and I hope you are, too!


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