Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best of Friends

Here is another card in May's CardMaker, I am really happy about this one because it fulfills a personal goal I had for getting at least one project published with a sets from EVERY Gina K Designs illustrator, I think it's realy important we all support each other (it took a while, because I don't pick what they take, you know! LOL!)

This card uses The Carolyn King Collection, by of course, my good friend Cammie! I submitted it months ago, but I am so glad I used this image and sentiment ("Sometimes the most unlikey pair make the best of friends"), because as most of you already know, she lives "just up the road" from me now, but is moving across the country in a couple months, wahhh! Although I'm sad to know she is going, I am rejoicing that she and family can establish some roots close to family after many years of moving and time apart fro Kevin while he served in the military. She has become such a dear friend since we met through Gina K Designs three years ago and is definitely at the top of a long list of blessings I've received through the experience of joining Gina K. While I couldn't call us "unlikley" friends as we have quite a lot in common, how amazing the way we met and then got to live near each other for a couple years to allow us to spend time face to face and not just through email, I know we will stay in touch forever. Carolyn, I wub you! (BTW, the way they staged this card in the issue couldn't have been any cuter, I like to think one is Carolyn and one is me! hee hee, have to look to see what I am talking about!) ;)

Jonathan tested positive for strep yesterday at the doctor, so he is home today again, but should be able to go back tomorrow. Thanks for praying for him! He has a school project due that he had some time to work on while he was home and we found he is quite the sculptor with modelling clay, I am amazed at the thought and tiny details he put into the reef and animals, will be sure to share some pics! later! :)


  1. *sniff sniff* This post made me teary-eyed. While I know Cammie and I have never met face-to-face, I will miss her for you too!!! I HOPE to meet her someday and... who knows... we WILL be closer now. Hee Hee I love her so much too and I miss her being on the DT now!! I'm happy you got all the sets published!! Give that little guy some get well bubbles. *smile*

  2. Totally CUTE! Great tribute to your friendship!

  3. What a darling card and sooo full of color & fun! Love it...

    ...As I know you know, friends are friends whether near or far. One of my dearest/longest standing friend lives way the heck up there in Alaska and I am here in SW Indiana!

    So glad Jonathon is on the mend. We Moms always hurt when our kiddos feel bad, don't we?

  4. Love this card!! It's so adorable! What a blessing to have good friends. Hope your little man gets well soon. {Hugs}


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