Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candy Winner!

Blog candy for yesterday is now closed! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and fun stories, you gave some really great ideas for how I'd like to celebrate future birthdays (wine and cake on the beach or the Eiffel Tower on the big 4-0, oh my!) as well as things I can do for my loved ones (totally diggin' Pat S's lottery ticket a day for the number of days leading up to your birthday!! DS or DH would love that!) And what sweet reminders so many were of how the best birthday memories and most memorable gifts are just being together, homemade gifts, or a birthday song from a mother with dementia (wahhh, made me cry!)

The winner is Darla who said... This year was my 30th and the weekend leading up to it my DH arranged for our best friends to stay at my parents house for the weekend where he knew we were going to be too for a full weekend of fun with them. My mom had the house all decorated with streamers and signs. I figured that was it but when my actual birthday came around DH put something all wrapped in tissue paper on the bed next to me before leaving for work, wished me happy birthday and left. I decided to wait for my 2 year old to get up before opening it. When he opened it for me (he is 2 after all) all I could do was cry! My DH (who is not paper craft inclined at ALL and makes fun of me when I ask him what I think if something had made me a card with my son. I keep telling him that a folded piece of paper by him would mean more to me than a store bought card and he finally listened. He had found a couple punched out butterflies sitting on my desk so he glued those on and cut a matching piece of paper and held a colored pencil in my sons hand and wrote happy birthday mommy on it and stuck it to the front. My son colored all on the inside!!!! Awesome!!! When I started to cry my son looked at me and said "oh no" I told him I was crying happy tears because I loved it do much. The rest of the week he would bring me he card off the fridge and say "mommy love it?!?!" and when I said yes he'd say "good. I love it too!!" Oh and to top it all off there were plastic penguins sitting on my front lawn in the bit of snow left just in case anyone did NOT remember my birthday or didn't know!! Lol This has been my best birthday EVER!!! and that's without even counting that my actual present was a grand calibur with 2 sets of grand dies! April 6, 2011 7:59 PM Congrats Darla and happy belated birthday! Send me your address ASAP so I can put your "Bring the Bling" stamps in the mail! Back soon with some fun announcements!


  1. bummer i missed the fun and wishing you Happy birthday!
    so belated birthday wishes to you (-:

  2. Missed your Birthday...but Happy Belated Birthday! & what a neat story from Darla & congrats to her!

  3. Hey Melanie. Just writing this as a comment as I tried emailing to let you know a few times now but never heard back so not sure you got tge emails or not. I have not received the stamp set yet so not sure if you had tracking on it or not to check but figured I'd let you know anyways.


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