Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet Deal

Okay, here's a fun one, ladies:

$30 worth of Sandals, Bags, Hats, Sunglasses and more from for ONLY $15. Plus, there is FREE SHIPPING with this deal! (I haven't seen that before!) First time buyers (which does not include me, because I buy Sweet Deals all the time!) can use the coupon code 5OFFSHOES, which will take an additional $5 off the price. That means ONLY $10 for $30 of merchandise + free shipping at

Finally, to celebrate Easter, they are having our first ever Easter Sale Event! Use coupon code EASTER10 at checkout to receive 10% off any and all Sweet Deal purchases. (You CAN use that code if you've bought Sweet Deals before) Then fill your Easter basket with even more savings by earning Easter Egg Mystery Coupons here:

So here's a hobo bag I got for myself (happy birthday to me! I was still really missing my little red purse that got stolen a couple years ago, even after all this time!) and a skinny red belt, they were originally 80 dollars for the two, and I got them for this $15 dollar deal plus an extra 2, not bad, not bad!) :)
If you hate these deals, PLEASE just disregard these posts, I certainly am not trying to get you to spend more money, I'm just sucker for good deals, and would never keep a good deal secret, gotta share with my girlies! (but I might fight you for the last pair of size 8 shoes LOL!)

And just save you some money so you have MORE to spend on stamps, those purchases are the the priority, of course! ;) More blog candy coming up!!


  1. OOOooo I LOVE that bag Mel! My red purse I had got stolen years ago too, been meaning to replace it...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice bag but I am a shoulder carrying gal... hate having my purse in my arm pit! LOL But I do love it... I need a new red bag too.. mines too small.. AND to short a handle!!! Think I bought it when DH was a "boyfriend" and he bought it for me at a leather shop. Cute then but now I'm a mom... need bigger! LOL

  3. Great red handbag. I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great deal and thanks for the heads up! Red purses...Love them. I had my eyes on one a couple of years ago. I watched this purse for about a month, then went in again and the sales lady said "On Friday (3 days later) your purse will be 40% off!" I said "Thanks I will be back!" When I went back for the purse, the sale sign said 20% off. I questionsed the sales people and management and to no avail. The sales lady who told me the 40% off, said she never told me that it would be 40% off. I was so mad, I left the store (Macy's) and have not shopped there since!


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