Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Men Eat Cupcakes

Here's a much easier way to decorate some cupcakes for your next sports outing instead of piping separate designs on 24 little cakes: arrange them on a huge round platter and then pipe your designs across to make it look like a big ball. My son Jonathan's baseball team got so much more excited over this than when we've done individual themed cupcakes in the past, definitely made the post game feel like party that day (even though we lost, wish I'd gotten a pic of them gobbling them up, but I was blue from the defeat, I take it harder than they do!) :( Some things would have looked more realistic than m&m's, but I didn't have to mix up another color frosting and kids will always choose cupcakes WITH candy over cupcakes without! ;) This was from a couple weeks ago, we have won the past couple ( yeah!) I just keep forgetting to share! Tonight though I am tackling a new dessert that I will have to report back on after we eat, it was crazy simple to make and I found the recipe by Googling "best chocolate desserts": the one this search pulled up first for me had over 500 5 STAR ratings and has been saved more 25,000 times. Well! How could all those people possibly be wrong?! Hope you are having a good weekend! I am feeling a lot better today, thanks for sending all the positive thoughts and prayers my way! I didn't make a card but I have been working on two special new somethin's that I know you are going to really love (not stamps!!) Thanks for visiting!


  1. Sounds yummy! I hope you will post the recipe! Thanks! Anne

  2. Loved your cupcake idea...what a time saver! And yes,
    m & m times anything is fun and yummy!


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