Saturday, September 3, 2011

i like, i like!

Okay, here's a deal I snagged THREE of: the "i like book" from Mamapedia for $12, a one year book you fill in each day (or when you have time) with things you like about your child OR spouse (they have a couple version, so I got one for each of my 'boys") ;) Each entry starts with an "I like" prompt and just a few lines to write something sweet, it need not be something long, and then a place in the back of each month with places for photos, fun quotes, etc. You can start at any time of the year. (The deal is half off and includes free shipping, available for a few more days) It's very portable and has one of the cool little bands that hold it closed. :)

I thought for a moment I could just get a blank book and do this myself, but I've been saying that for years! A couple years ago a friend told me she she couldn't' stay on top of a scrapbook she'd started a journal where she'd write something she about her son that day, i thought it was a terrific idea, but with it blank you might end up feeling like yo need to write a really long entry. I got these because I can always find something new or different or worthy of commenting on about my children each day and it's important that they know it and important that I focus on those good things instead of any negatives. Same goes for my husband. It will help me remember all the most important and blessed little things that they do as well as build up their self esteem.

I also read through the reviews on other mom sites of the product before buying and they ALL had such great things to say about it, that their children loved it reading it or doing it together (there is place for the child or spouse to respond and write something back to you if you want to do it that way), even older kids. I think it will be a wonderful way to connect with my husband when our schedules are so busy sometimes to have many opportunities to focus on each other.

I am excited about having this and will probably be sharing some of the things here "i like".

Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend!

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