Monday, June 2, 2008

Friendship Beach

We just got back from the beach. Here is an untouched photo I took of the boys, but I've been having so much fun making duplicates so I can play with some different filters, I'll back to share some that will hopefully inspire you to turn some great shots into some really artsy pieces. :)

Paul says this pic doesn't count because I made them hold hands, and then gave them a lot of direction about how to walk down the beach!("no, not toward the water! straight down!!") But I'll just look at this picture and remember them watersliding together and having fun during other parts of our trip (ya know, when they weren't at each other's throats) Jonathan did find the little flag he's holding in the sand, however, that wasn't contrived :) I like the way they both seem to be looking at the same little wave, pebble, fill in the blank...

I'll be sharing photos I took from our trip over the next few weeks as there were so many I liked, we went to the AIA Sandcastle Competition* and got some really great pictures of sand sculptures and traditional castles, both beautiful and silly. Parts of many of the forms had fallen down when we took our pictures the following day, but some great art work remained. Here's a favorite, the team called it "Friendship Beach", the hands are making the sign for "friend" (anyone hearing-impaired read my blog? just wonderin'...I only know the ASL alphabet, and a few other random signs, this being one of them! :))
I thought the huge, clasped hands rising out of the sand in front of the horizon were pretty awesome!

Next up: another leggy babe, and a diorama!!!

* made up of several teams of architects, my husband use to compete in these each year with his firm when he was still an acrchitect; before we got married I helped out two years. When I say "helped", I do not mean to imply I know anything about sculpting, it was basically a lot of scooping sand and yelling to innocent passersby, "hey! come vote for ours!!!" it was fun, though! I'll have to dig out those pics from the archives LOL!


  1. Ohhhh..........MY........GOSH!!!!! What a precious photo!!! And hey!!! Moms are allowed to be "creatively involved" in the memories we're making!!! LOL The sand castle competition sounds waaay cool!! That is the sign for "friend" just can't see the motion when you do the sign and exchange fingers the opposite way. But what an amazing sculpture!! share those photos.....that would be so fun to see!!

  2. Gorgeous photo even if they had a little help. I mean lets face its, would we ever get good pictures otherwise!!

  3. That sounds like fun! :-) I LOVE sand art!♥

  4. Staged or not that is such an awesome picture.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  5. Great photos!! I can hear myself telling my kids, now hold and hands and walk this way and stop hitting your brother, act like you like each other...LOL

  6. The picture of the boys is adorable. Love the sand sculpture. Can't wait to see more.
    Where was this beach at? Beautiful


  7. Yep me know ASL (as I am deaf) .. that's a cool one! Love those pictures - my favourite is the first one!

    Brenda (the one who thought the Ostrich was a platapus) :)

  8. Yoo hoo!!! I'm deaf, sign ASL, and instantly recognized the friend-sign sand sculpture. What a wonderful way to start the morning!

    Yup, most of our Christmas card pictures throughout the years were staged "sit here. smile. look over there. smile. let me take a few more. smile." No wonder they hated the picture-taking, heh, but our hall wall is full of years of photo Christmas cards.


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