Friday, June 6, 2008

I Can Shake More than My Hips: The Bobblehead Card

Need a little "pick-me-up"..?
Follow this simple bobblehead tutorial!
This card works like the tilt card, but instead has two layers on top of your mat instead of just one so the front one is fixed in place and your back layer moves.

Start by stamping your image twice. This works best with a 2 layered image like the giraffe (the hippo and ostrich would be great also.) :) A few tips here: I colored and cut a little more than just the neck on the first one. You need this part of it to put the dimensionals on and so you won't see something not colored when the giraffe is in motion.
I made a little grassy spot below it and then cut out without going in between the legs, saves time and is easier to mount on your dimensionals (don't have to cut skinny pieces or worry about your spin part showing) Below you can see how much I cut of each. (I ended up cutting off the shadow I originally did around each, that just wasn't going to work.)
Now put on dimensionals at the base below the neck. Add dimensionals at the bottom and middle of your giraffe body layer so it will be popped out, adding more dimension and also allowing your neck room to move. (After taking this pic, I added another dimensional on top of each of the two on the legs, it needs to be stacked a little farther out, so take note)
Now sometimes a penny is just a little bigger than your image, so you have to be creative with what you'll use. Here I used a little button. (I know, most buttons are worth more than a penny, but dig one out in a color you never use, okay?:) Put a dimensional on top of that. Then cut a hole with your hobby blade that gives it just enough room to tilt when you put the dimensional through the whole and stick another button on(or penny or whatever, you won't see this part)
See how I mounted it onto the finished card above. The button in back moves easily because it's above the card, if you don't make a tent topper, you'll need to add more dimensionals behind your mat so it can swing. I like how the neck extends even higher than my topper(a Nestie circle) To make this fit in a A2 envelope, the folded part is 3 1/8 x 4"( a piece 4" x 6 1/4", scored at 3 1/8". It could have been been 4 1/4"but I cut it a little narrower it just looked better fit the scale)

I'll be making a lot more of these with my different animals, it's really fun and is so cute with the sentiment "Keep your head up"(and you should see it when it tilts a little right of center, it gives you kind of a "say whaaaat??" look! bwahhh! :)

If you decide to try your own bobblehead , please link it here, I'd love to see what you do! :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are a genius, this is too cute!

  2. Oh another AWEsomely creative idea!!! LOVE the bobble head 'raffie!!! Soooo cute!!

  3. Sooooooooo cute! Love it.


  4. How totally awesome is this!! Love it!!

  5. This is just FABULOUS and hilarious! I LOVE it, Melanie! Just awesome!

  6. Terrific idea...perfect tent topper!

  7. you come up with the most clever ideas LOVE it


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