Monday, June 2, 2008

Make a Splash!

Several months ago Gina suggested in an email that maybe I could draw a polar bear for a future set. Instantly I wrote back, "I know! How about one cannonballing into the water??!" (Honestly, I don't know where this stuff comes from sometimes, I do not think before I speak! (er, in this case, type!) So I got out my pad and this guy practically drew himself, it was my first sketch! (doesn't usually happen that way) It was only later I realized he looked like he was hugging himself, hence the matching greeting in the set! (I love when that happens, the sets really seem to take on a life of their own!)

This card was really simple to make using a DCVW adhesive mat from a pack, just a photographed water background, works for me! I cut out the bear and ball, and mounted on dimensionals. Using the little puddle from "Just So Hoppy" was key to making it look like the ball was already on the surface but the bear was still above it(and the added whooshed to look like he's incoming! Had to use that beach towel ribbon again, and added some page pebbles to tie in my shiny ball. I trimmed up my long greeting "congrats on taking the plunge!" to fit my layout better, and stamped "hope you make a big splash!" inside. I think these greetings would be great for anybody who has just achieved something, attempting something new and or going through a life change and you want to wish them well, starting school, taking on a new job or getting a promotion, retirement, etc!

TIP: You could turn this same design into a pool party invite easily by putting "Time to" "make a big splash!" and your invite details inside. :) (which I might be doing in a few weeks for Jonathan's birthday, we're still up in the air though on a theme (I'm just glad all the stamps I needed to make invitations came in time! :) I'm sure you'll see and read all about it here once we make up our minds!

NOW, check out Amy's kicked up cannonball spinner! WOW! I'd been meaning to do something like this but hadn't found the time/courage/moxy to get goin' on it! :) Edited to add: I'm sure you've ALL seen it by now, I had this set up in blogger draft before I left! ;)

If you're new to my blog, you may have missed this project I featured in March: an ipod Tin! Thanks, Laurie, for pulling it out of the archives and featuring it on Tip Junkie! :)

Have a GREAT day!Whatever you do, hope you make a big splash!!!!


  1. Super cute card!!! You're right,
    that would make a wonderful pool invitation!! You are so brilliant girl!!!

  2. I love this guy & remember the day we got that DCWV pack - so glad, huh?? look forward to playing with him

  3. Splashing card! Love this bear, he is a cutie!

  4. CANNONBALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! HeeHee.....I just love this guy and soooo awesome for a summer party invite!!!

  5. I just ordered this set this weekend and am impatiently waiting for its arrival. This card is fantastic!! I just might have to use it for my babies birthday invitations. :)

  6. This is so super cute!! I love the water!!

  7. I LOVED that idea and I'm so glad I found it. It's brilliant.

  8. This is stunning and so fun! The hand drawn lines make it so realistic, but playfully cartoonish at the same time. You are TOO smart! :0)


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