Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Designers! Gather Round..."

"Designers, your challenge for today begins with the basic white tee. A classic shape that can be dyed, cut trimmed, torn, embellished, use it as your inspiration to create the most fashion forward outfit imaginable. Be sure your creation shows your point of view... Your time begins now!" (said in my best Tim Gunn impression)

Any Project Runway fans reading my blog? I love that show (any early favorites? email me to dish about them later!:) partly because I would love to be able to design clothes(without having to mess with sewing!!) What would YOU do with a tee? What would your say about you and who you are as an artist? No crazy budget or material constraints here, you have complete creative freedom to make what you want... :) (I have pages and pages of tees I've stamped out on plain white paper and altered in different ways like these you see here... I'll get around to them all some day!)

Now, I will not have access to my email for several days (including when the Gina K Designs Guest design auditions start), wahhhhh!! :( (I'm going to have a lot to catchup on!!) But if you post something you would like me to see with the tees and are interested in a chance at guest designing with my set next month, please email me the link and I will be sure to come check it out as soon as I get back! "Make it work!" :)
Speaking of, tomorrow is Cathy's guest spot, please come check it out!


  1. I thought just doing cute shirts was great, I can't believe how creative you and the Tshirt set really are. AWESOME!!

    Thanks so much!

  2. This is too cool!! Man I want this set SOOO bad!!!!

  3. I'd love the chance to be a guest designer next month, but I can't seem to get my tees! :( The mailman is holding them hostage for 10 days now! I'm very anxious to play, though! :)

  4. I finally got my set Melanie - it's sooo fun!! My first card with it is posted today on my blog! Wonderful set!! :)

  5. WE LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!! That 'holla atcha boy' that the blonde dude is always saying to Tim Gunn this year is hilarious!!! Love the show; we taped it tonight, just getting ready to watch it.

    In the meantime 'holla atcha girl'. LOL

  6. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Project Runway and Tim Gunn is AWEsome!!!! I love all those possibliteeeeees!!!! Hmmmm........I can tell you what Austin or Jay would have done with one of these Tees!!! LOL I'm a bit more conservative, sooooo.......lemme see what else can Tee-sign!!! (get it? Design?).......awwwwwww nevermind.......I tell ya 2 hours of sleep a night does NOT make for funny jokes!!! LOL


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