Wednesday, August 20, 2008

T-Skirt: the Perfect Pleat

Here's a card I made with a certain "cheerleader" in mind, I wanted to shown how easy it it to alter two tees to make the perfect little cheer outfit! The uniforms at your school may have been different than this, but ours* were sleeveless with a v-neck and a slight v at the bottom. For the tank top, stamp your tee and draw in a v at the neck and diagonal lines to take off the sleeves. Adding another line next to each for piping allows you to add color and make it sportier-looking. Cut out the excess and color.

For a simple pleated skirt without having to draw extra lines or mask, stamp the shirt several times, off- setting about a 1/4 inch each time you stamp.
Now you can cut around the parts to you don't want! Color and adhere under your top.
I finished the card layering embossed die cut Nestabilities Stars in DP from the Basic Grey Sultry pack, and added a few of the Rain Dot eyelets in pinks and green to add more shine and dimension. I just love being able to stick these on wherever you need a little sumthin'! A few of these around my "supergirl" (also from the Little Tees set) draws attention to the sentiment. I decided to leave my stars hanging off the edges rather than trimming because I like seeing the whole shape, more dynamic and interesting. It is A2 size, but I would need to put this in a larger envelope to mail (To get this recreate this card and make it fit an A2 envy, though just start with a narrower card base, or trim the points off the stars...)

Have an awesome day! woo-hoo! U ROCK! (herkie!!)

* by "ours", I mean "our school's", not a uniform I also wore, I was not a cheerleader


  1. You amaze me with all your wonderful ideas. Love this set

  2. Oh soooo precious!! I love all the pleats!!! Well, I wouldn't know what the cheerleader outfits looked like........but our school colors were green and they musta been very festive!!! LOL

  3. Love the skirt! Love everything you have shared with this set. Your mimi tutorials are the greatest!

  4. Really, Melanie. You've got to quit this. I'm going to have to get a job.

    You're so creative!

  5. Wow! another amazing idea! Love the bright colours & the stars!

  6. Mel are killing me!!! I am in AWE of all you've been doing with these tee's!!! I'm addicted to your blog! *rolls eyes* Now my other girls are gonna get jealous I don't visit them spending so much time

  7. wow if you look at that photo with all of the t-shirts stamped on makes you dizzy!
    Cute way to make a skirt, you very clever girl you!

  8. this is amazing. I love the pleats!

  9. YOu crack me up..herkie...hehe!! This is so super cute!!


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