Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weird things are up with my blogspot...!

I had to go in tonight to finish a post for later in the week and saw something odd, two "Quickly" posts with the Scor-Pal mat pics, when before there had been only one. One had all the comments (86) I'd been seeing the last 24 hours, the one below that had just appeared had none. (I checked to see if my kids had changed the time and somehow posted it again, nope they showed the same time.) So I went in and saw the two posts in my history and made sure to click on the post with no comments and deleted it(hesitating for a moment thinking it might delete them both) But, it only deleted one, you guessed it, the one with all the comments. wah, wah wahhhhhhhhhh! I do still have all the notifications in my email but just wanted to make you aware of it, also to say that comments for the blog candy drawing are supposed to be on my tip sheet post. SO if the comment you left was for the blog candy and now it's gone, it wasn't in the right spot anyway (was supposed to be on the one below it, with my tip sheet) and you have another chance to leave it again on this post <----(click that spot and leave a comment on that one, please!) and don't worry about typing out the same comment as before, I already read and enjoyed them though email, thanks! :)

Anybody had this happen to them tonight (or ever before?)

PS now when I click on the post whcihc is still showing up in the history, it says post not found, but ti's still showing up on my site when I scroll down!! (the one with no coments) whaaa?? can you see it, too?


  1. Oh, I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have never had that happen to me. Guess, I have been lucky so far. I can see the posts when I click on the blog entry for the blog candy give-away. Good luck this time around. :)


  2. They are still least when I clicked under your archive entries is showed 86 comments...whew!

  3. The post I see has all 86 comments!!! But I do agree that Blogger has been out of sorts recently!!


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