Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(Super) Baby on Board

Every mom thinks hers is a superbaby... :)

The safety pins and binkys on the background are from my "Hip Hop Accessories". I filled in a few places with my white gel pen to make them stand out a little more. The little doodle from my Kelly Panacci border set worked well with these little curved accessories, so I stamped that across the top and bottom. To color in the shirt, I swiped my pad across the bold shirt instead of tapping it on the pad, gives it kind of a brushed cotton look. A little strategic shading with a matching marker gives the shirt a nice pregger shape! :)

TIP: When two step stamping the line and bold tshirt images from "Little Tees", a stampamajig will ensure perfect placement, but if you want to "eyeball", stamp your first image, then ink your second image and peek under lining up the points of each side of the COLLAR and then lower onto paper, which I swhat I idd on the card above. (Lining it up fom the bottom or either side at the sleeve can wind up too high or low, at least when I tried it that way!!)


  1. Oh this is too stinkin' cute! My sis is pregnant and finds out what she'll be having tomorrow and I think I may need to do my own version of this adorable card - thanks so much for your daily inspiration!

    I left you an award over at my blog when you get a chance, please stop by!

  2. I like the T-shirts designs but I don't have any of them and would like to see some other designs too.
    I've always enjoyed your blog.

  3. Oooo I love this blue color! Love your bg you did, awesome idea Mel! I so want one of those Kelly Panacci border set...I havent been able to find one yet though...darn it!

  4. Awww......and how fun for an Expecting card!!!! I love the little preggo bump!!! And what cute dp!!!!

  5. All my babies are super babies...what are you talkin' about!? LOL! This is too cute! Makes me want another! Only daddy and I may have to adopt instead since this baby making machine was shut down! LOL!


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