Tuesday, November 25, 2008


They're not "just for cookies", he heh!! ;)

Color your rolled out dough image from "Have a Cookie" in a color to match you Play-doh or other modelling dough (here I used "Fun-Doh", a cheap alternative to Play-doh, and I do not recommend it LOL! I bought it not for the price but because I like the "white" rather than Play-Doh's "Yoyo Yellow" container! Thumbs down on Fun-Doh's texture however and their sloped sided container, you'll have a much easier time wrapping Play-doh's cylinder!!) I added my heart shaped cookie to a die cut circle for the top and some of Gina K's Pure Luxury ribbon.

Add a shaped cutter, rolling pin or other cutting tool and it makes a fun stocking stuffer, party favor, gift for classmates or treat for a Valentine! (Who doesn't love play-doh?? )

Or, try making your own dough with salt, flower and water and bagging it up with a little stamped tag instead! As a child, my mom and I spent many an hour making little ornaments and figurines with this homemade stuff, which can either be painted after baking or you can add food coloring to the dough when you make it :)

I'll be back with my sample for this week's PCP sketch challenge, I worked in all sorts of other challenges hee hee! Just gotta finish writing it up!!

(eek, I just looked at the date, only one more month of stamping/shopping days til Christmas!!)


  1. Ohhh this is yet another A-DOH-rable idea!!!! LOL But seriously it is!!! Don't tell anyone, but buy the white ones to alter and the other ones to fill the altered cute container with!!!! ;)

  2. Wow...another fantastic idea, Melanie!! I love it!!

  3. Great idea Melanie! I agree the whites easier to work with, but the sloped sides & quality of the doh make the yellow seem do-able! another great project, love the addition of the cookie cutter.

  4. Super cute!! Love it!!
    hugs, Jami

  5. How cute! I love the way you tied the label on. Brilliant gift idea and a bunch of colours together would be stunning. There's always peanut butter flavoured edible dough too. Though it always kind of grosses me out since it can't stay 100 percent clean, LOL. :O)


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