Monday, November 24, 2008

Guest Designer: Carolina Buchting

Carolina Buchting is one of the fabulous artists I've asked to put in a little "overtime" with my stamps this month, here are a few questions I had for help us to get to know her a little better and get inside that creative mind of hers!

1. Favorite Technique - I would have to say faux stitching. Though I still love real stitching on paper with a sewing machine, I love piercing on paper and then using a pen to create faux stitch affect or even using a white gel pen to draw stitch just adds that little extra something.

2. Favorite Colors/color combo
Single color would have to be Basic Gray - love using it as a background, as a mat, or even on it's own. For combo I would have to say Brown and Pink with Black and Pink a close second. Brown and Pink has a lot to do with my two favorite indulgences - Brown for Coffee since I drink it with milk and Pink like my favorite cupcake flavor, strawberry.

3. Favorite type of project to make that's not a card?
Anything altered! If it's not nailed down or glued down I'll alter it...well even then I'm sure I can find a way to alter it - LOL!

4. Favorite Gina K set by Melanie
Hard one...but I'd have to say "Have a Cookie" because I love the versatility followed with "Little Tees" a close second because it was first of it's kind and love that about your sets - just how original they are and fun to work with!

5. Favorite Gina K sets (from any illustrator)
Used to be "Retro Boutique" by Rupa because it reminds me so much of my grandmothers, but now hands down "My Cuppa' Joe" set...I'm sure you know why - "wink". I do have to say that I also love all the Stamps for a Cause sets because of the meaning behind them. It's one of the reason I started buying from Gina, her generosity and those of the artist that design for her are always so heart warming.
(I won't put you on the spot and ask favorite stamp company, hee hee!) ;) -
Thanks, this would have been hard to decide on...I would have been sitting on this email until next week - LOL!

6. Favorite craft supplies I can't live without
Oh this has to be tie for me - LOVE halfback pearls with ribbon really, really, close behind - I think my 200 plus rolls can account to that!

7. I've been stamping for (how long)
On a mostly daily basis I would say for about 5 years, but I had my first collection of stamps at the age of 8...I just took a break for a while and experimented with other mediums.

8. I get my inspiration from
Just about everywhere and everyone. I see things in a different way than most. I look at things as potential of what they could be and always take time to admire their beauty and draw inspiration from the color, the texture or even the shape of that particular thing. From people, I draw inspiration from the clothes they wear, how they accessorize, the way they style their hair or as simple as the shoes they might have on that day. I also love to look at fashion, interior design, and food magazines and love to blog hop and check out what others are coming up much talent out there!

9. The most important things I've learned about stamping/cardmaking are
The joy it can bring to another person. Whether it is through a card I sent to a friend or even a complete stranger; to the friends I've met through this amazing obsession, um, I mean hobby of ours. I'm greeted daily by an email from a friend or a stranger sharing with me their feedback on a card or project I've posted on my's always so sweet to read how much what I do means to other and/or gives them inspiration to create something for themselves.

10. Some of my stamping/crafting goals are:
To improve my watercoloring; get better at using my Copics; learn new tecniques; and at some point down the line desing my own line of designer paper.

11. Some of my stamping/crafting accomplishments are
I have two big accomplishments this year, first is my blog and second is my design and guest design team invitations. I'm honored and so touched by the companies that have invited me to design with their stamps.

She's designed some fabulous "not a cookie" projects, please go check them out! :) Carolina will be back each week this month with more cuteness and cleverness, stay tuned!


  1. CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely FABulous choice Mel!!!!

  2. Yayyy!!! What an awesome choice and how fun is it to get to know more about you Carolina!! You go girl!!

  3. well I am just thrilled to have my friend Carolina designing with your stamps - she is so clever & original and has so much to inspire us with!


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