Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tulip Bunch

Please believe me when I say these aren't black LOL!! There is such a high contrast on this card, my deep purple tulips (have you ever seen that kind?) are photographing really dark, the layer under the Barely Banana mat is Elegant Eggplant, a perfect match with the Wisteria purple from the Peerless watercolor booklet when heavily applied, but the purple, yellow and white look really pretty together IRL! I poked a little hole on either side of them and threaded some hemp twine through to hang my little Cuttlebug tag with "for you", also from "Say it With Flowers", isn't that sweet? The white base is Cuttlebugged with the Leafy Branch folder at an angle.

I don't do it that often, but it is fun to stamp your foal point on a pastel CS instead of a neutral, you just have to plan ahead what colors you'll be adding and think about how they are going to mis with the color of your CS. I will say, the colored CS pills more than your neutral CS when you watercolor on it, so be careful not to add too much (see how dark my left leaf is? the color wasn't spreading any more so I had to quit adding even though I wanted to pull that shadow further down the leaf)

Q: What does a stamper* like receiving more than a bouquet of flowers?

A: Stamps to make their own bouquets of flowers! (flowers fade, but rubber is forevah, baby!) ;)

Have a great day!! :) Oh! Have you entered you cards for my contest yet?? Don't forget!!

* I've gotten more than a couple little hints in the mail the last few weeks from friends and family would "looooove to have (my ) two new sets for their birthdays"!


  1. Love it! I love tulips anyway and think the deep purple ones are so exotic. You captured them!
    I also like the way you hung the little tag off the card for a 3D detail.

  2. What wonderful inspiration. Love the colors. I just got my new watercolors from Gina and have been too chicken to try them! Your card is just what I needed to see to get me started.

  3. I don't think they look black at all, they look deep purple. And there are black tulips anyway...did you know that? Except they are'nt considered a true black color. I love your card! I love how you tied on the sentiment, and what a great idea to stamp on a pastel cs! I've never done that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Are you CRAZY???!!!! I LOVE this!!! Darn you... now I HAVE to go buy that flower set!!! (Along with ONLY SIX others I NEED! Hee Hee) I cannot wait to use that tulip set for a card for my dad... he loves tulips! You really snagged me this time with the tulips AND the fact that purple is my favorite color! Thanks for sharing!! I mean that... honestly... LOL

  5. This is stunning Melanie..the purple is so deep and GORGEOUS!! Got my birthday surprise today, you rock!! Hope you are having a fun time!!

  6. Gorgeous tulips and lovely color combo!!
    hugs, Jami

  7. I've seen black tulips, not sure if I've seen dark purple ones though. Love this card, very simple and elegant. Being dutch, my favourite flowers are tulips. And my favourite place on earth is

    Keukenhof is a gorgeous humungous garden in Holland near Amsterdam.

    Hmm now I want this stamp! You get 10 points for enabling. LOL

  8. Forgot to mention that there is a post about Keukenhof on my blog. Just go to older posts.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the dark purple against the yellow! Stunning color combination.

  10. I love the little tag attached around the bouquet, and the color of those tulips! Gorgeous!♥


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