Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Progressive Pink Poinsettia*

This card looks much prettier in real life, the ribbon and background is Regal Rose (not Pepto Bismol LOL!) This is one of the cards that evolved from a little scrap I was playing around on and wanted to see how the poinsettia would look stamped in red, then dragging my waterbrush through to bleed the color, turned very pink!! Since some poinsettias are pinkish that was okay with me, but I started adding back in more red from the lid of my pad to get soem deeper shades. I also traced along the underside just with water to create a shadow.

Next I doodled a border around the edge of my scrap to frame it, (I did it slightly shaky on purpose to match the edge of my leaves in the image (and then it wouldn't matter if I messed it up a little! LOL) and dragged my brush over the marker lines, again the ink bled so I have a filled-in, matching pink border! I added a greeting from "Say it With Flowers" and a few little self adhesive rhinestones in different sizes to the center, love the sizzle it gives it!! Finally I did a bunch of layering and cuttlebugging with the Snowflake folder (I love the look of the flakes with the burst of poinsettia leaves), attached my little tied ribbon with a glue dot and there you have a PINK holiday card, I'm kinda diggin' it!

I'll be doing a poinsettia card (not this one, I'll post pics later) for a workshop on a cruise this weekend, any of you going on the Manic Mommies Escape 2008 by chance?? LOL! It'll be my first time to really demo in person since I started illustrating(and definitely first time to do on a ship, it's almost my first cruise ever, so a big deal!!), and I wanted to go on the "BIG stamping cruise" so much, that I had to book this 3 day adventure with a friend to the Bahamas with a moms group (and still managed to work a little stamping in!!) It's not a crafting group, but they're working and stay-at-home moms just like many of us, so I'm hoping they'll really dig it (and I'll manage to bring lots of them "over to our side", heh heh!!;) I have two back-to-back workshops 30 minutes each, 30 ladies each, so it should be interesting! Say a prayer for me we all get our cards done LOL!! (I just got done cutting out 60 poinsettias since I can't exactly to tell them all to bring their own scissors, but I wanted their quick cards to be really special, I hope they love what they make!!) I'll be gone Friday through Monday but I do plan to have posts every day while I'm gone. And THEN starting the next day?: RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS, oh my!! I'm actually ready for all that, been busy stamping things I can't show now, but soon, so excited!!

One more day to enter the blog candy!!

* I totally planned to call this post "I'm... Dream-ing of a... PINK ...Christ-masssss!" but since it's been sitting in my drafts for almost 3 weeks, and Melissa already used that!! (eyeroll) LOL! j/k


  1. When you said Pepto Bismol I had to laugh because it reminded me of the movie Steel Magnolias... where she has the wedding of Blush and Bashful but Weezie says it looks like Pepto Bismol exploded in the church. So maybe this could be your Steel Magnolias Christmas card! LOL!

    Beautiful, and OUCH! Your hand must hurt now with all that cutting! But it'll be worth it, and I'll shoot up a prayers that all will go great!

  2. This is lovely! I love the hot pink!!!

  3. Oh I love this in pink with the bling. It looks so stunning here. I hear you about photos I think it is the bane of a blogging cardmaker's existence that pics will never capture the real life card. Looks glorious though! :O)


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