Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh! Almost Forgot: My Contest!!

Sorry, I posted this over on SCS and PCP, but don't want tyou to miss it:

Our release is just over a week away, and again this month I am so excited to have TWO sets coming out!! One of which I think will be of particular interest to my "Little Tees" and "Just So Sporty" fans!* Would you like to win it? Create a new card using either of these sets (or both!) and upload them to SCS and/or Papercraft Planet using the keyword GKDMMTEE anytime before November 11, Tuesday night 6PM CST! I will choose one person to win the set new set!

And, not wanting to leave those of you out who DON’T have either of these sets, remember I said I’m releasing TWO sets, so create a card using ANY of my stamps and upload with the keyword GKDMMHC before Tuesday, November 11, at 6PM CST and I will choose one person to receive the other set (it’s SO stinking cute if I do say so myself, I’ve been waiting months to finally play with it!!) You are welcome to enter samples for both sets if you want, good luck! (Don't wait til the last minute or forget, GO, stamp something now!!) ;)

I wonder what the "HC" in the keyword stands for?? Hmmmm......okay, scroll down now for today's card! :)


  1. Oh Melanie. This is so exciting. I keep resisting signing up for the Paper Planet, as I am always on the computer for work, blog and SC.
    What makes Paper planet different? thanks for any help!! I see you talked about adding friends, so it does sound unique like Facebook for stamping friends???

  2. I know what HC stands for! *insert evil laugh here*

  3. I scrolled down, but no card - this is the second time - where are they going? I see the blog, and the comments, but no - I know I'm missing something WONDERFUL!

  4. I hope I'm doing all of this right. This is the first time that I have uploaded a photo to SCS or for paper crafters. Plus, I put my card for the contest on my blog here:
    I hope you like it.

    Alena in Northern CA.

  5. I hope you got notification that I uploaded a card at PCP with the code... and I hope I'm not too late! But hey, I'm so excited that I got to do some stamping - and I used your "A Year Of Flowers" set - and I used the peerless watercolors! YAY! I hope you like it. :)


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