Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School!

Today's card I made for my friend who is changing careers to attend nursing school, I am so proud of her! This is kind of a whimsical card, because it won't be like high school, but I know it must be really hard going back, so I'm trying to help her get in the spirit! :)

I used the locker, pennant and megaphone from "Sporty Accessories" and used two new greetings to fit in them from the new set "School, Sports, Spirit!": "Back 2 School! and "Congrats!" I added the new homecoming mum to the locker that were always so fun for Spirit week, and a duffle bag with her name on it (lots of words can be added to the pocket, stamepd or hand-written!) plus some bling. (I have some GREAT tips for this bag, there are so many things you can do with it! Stay tuned!) Cardbase is Moonlit Fog.

Inside I added "Go for the goal!" and this new little graduation cap. The inside would be a really CAS to do for a graduation card outside!

Working while going back to school will not be easy, but I am certain this is the Lord's plan for Donna, in a few years she will be a working nurse and probably ministering and making handmade gifts for all her patients!

For any of you readers who are going back to school to either follow a dream, make a life change, or make a better life for you and your family, I just want to say, "I'm proud of YOU!" (and if you're thinking about it, I say, GO FOR IT! It's NEVER too late to start learning and doing something you love! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. What a sweet idea. I will need to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Isn't Donna such a rock star for taking this big leap back to school. I am so proud of her too. I love the customized back to school card you made for her. It is perfect.

    My sister is working full time, raising a tween daughter and going to school. She is doing a fabulous job at all three.

  3. thank you SO much - you're so thoughtful and your words are so meaningful to me, I appreciate your friendship!! the card really ROCKS and I will display it proudly

  4. What a wonderful card, and so encouraging! Almost makes me want to go back for a new degree!

  5. Donna is just amazing! My hat is off to her for following her dream and making it a reality! Love the design of this card and she is sure to get a lot of encouragement from it. Love how the inside could even me a card front. Nice job as always Melanie!

  6. AWESOME card!! Love the scene you made and your coloring is FABULOUS!

  7. I am so proud of her too! Love the card. I want the set. It would make great cards for my nieces and when my kiddos grow up.


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