Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transportation Inspiration DP!

Today I have a 4.25" square card and some "homemade DP", I started by cropping down "Inspiration Mosaic" on one end and then ran a black marker along the cut side to give it a new border to match the other sides. I used a greeting and most of the images from Rupa's "Are We there Yet?" set in the blocks.
I put the greeting into a box that fit it nicely and used the dashed and straight line below it to make the space more like a square and then the line, dash, line below kinda looks like a road, no?? Since I wanted to fill every space I just masked off each area with Post-Its, just lining up the sticky edges with each border and stamping each image with Memento Black onto Pure Luxury White. (Most I only had to mask on two sides but a couple I masked three...) I chose which image went where based on their sizes and to alternate them going in different directions. I love the finished "on the go" look! I matted it on Rocket Red (edged with black marker)and popped it up onto the base weight Pure Luxury White card. The greeting square is colored in red to match.

I hope this gives you some ideas about how to create DP with several images from a single set for a totally coordinated background and how easy it is to make the quick change to a square! (Next I'm going to give my grid a well-earned rest LOL!, and share a card using just shapes for a super cool pattern, I think you're gonna really dig it!) :) Stay tuned! Keep in touch! ;)


  1. Melanie, this turned out great! Love the way you stamped the various modes of transportation. Great pop of red for the sentiment!

  2. Another great, inspirational "Inspiration Mosaic" to love! I can't wait for my stamp to arrive!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  3. very cool!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Looks like another fantastic block is brewing! Always fun to visit here!
    thanks for sharing...

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  5. I love the way this turned out. Perfect.

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