Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sporty Mosaic

Here is a sports collage I made with "Sporty Accessories" and "Inspiration Mosaic" for my son, he'll be playing baseball this fall and is really excited to finally be "off the tee"! We don't know what his team colors will be, so I just asked him to pick for the card. I added the "GO" from "Just So Sporty" and "Slugger" and "Love U" banner from "Sporty Accessories" to give it a little "back to school encouragement" as well, he's starting 2nd grade next Monday is really sad for summer to be over.

Some off the images are framed in the boxes like a picture (shoes) but others are placed almost like they are sitting in a cubby (ball and bat, with the ball resting on the line.) The bat, banner and glove are cut out to go over the grid and add dimension. TIP: when deciding what images will go where in my grid, I like to just lay the unmounted stamps directly into the boxes of my rubber grid, it's easy to build my layout this way before I ever start inking anything up, try it! :) Picking just a few colors to add to the smaller boxes and the star stamped with a circle and circle trims finish out the design. (The dots are kind of reminiscent off the holes for the laces in the glove and shoes) After trimming the stamped grid I ran my black marker around the edge off the mat to give it a double border. Cardbase is Yoyo Yellow. It looks pretty tolerable with just orange, black and white! ;) I'm really digging these sets together, the result I think is just as appropriate and cool for a kid who's 7 as for one who's 17!

Have a wonderful Sunday, I've got a busy week ahead preparing for our next release, less than two weeks away! :) Did you all see the coupon code in the new Stamping Lifestyle Magazine on STV? If you have a wish list, you'll want to taake advantage of that savings this week, code ends August 21st! As for the rest of the issue, I believe I'll be making an infinity board per that article's instructions for taking pics of the new release samples, be sure to check that out!


  1. What a great sports themed card using your Mosaic background. Love the colors and the balancing of the images. I am sure your son will enjoy being off the "T" It is a whole new ball game :o)

  2. This is awesome Mel! I love how you used the little dots too! What an awesome card for your son!

  3. perfect card! he will love it... hope he hits that darn ball his first time at bat!!! they grow up so quick!! so looking forward to new releases...

  4. aww, ths is so sweet. I love this card! Your mosaic stamp looks better and better, every time I see it.

  5. enjoy fall ball - always my favorite!
    You must get tired of hearing this - but - love it!
    Thanks for the inspiration - I know how I am spending my coupon from Gina!

  6. this is fab! I love the colours you have used!!

  7. What a great card! A good 'masculine' solution too! I'm so looking forward to receiving my stamp here in Australia :) Will have a look at the magazine now - thanks for mentioning it!

  8. Super cute card Mel.. btw.. my Johnathan turned 18 this past weekend.. where does the time go..


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    colors are cute...
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