Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Doodle!!

Okay, anything called a "DOODLE" is a winner in my book! I got this Sweet Deal today and it's another online goody I just had to share with you, my crafty friends! A cute little battery powered speaker you can plug your phone, ipod, whatever into and you are able to customize the face with drawings, photos etc anything /any colors you want (Lee, you could make it piiink, with bleeeng!!!), and it's only 19 bucks! I have really been wanting to get a small speaker so the kids and I can rock out* to the tunes on my Nano together at home or in the car (never liked the one I had that had to play through my radio, too staticky!) and this totally fills the bill! You know I have to find a way to incorporate some "A Year of Flowers" in there!!

Anyway, check it out, there are a limited number available so I don't really know how lonthe deal will last, I pounced! LOL! I really enjoyed watching the youtube videos they had linked of the two founders sharing their different ingenious products! And I'm not really that into new technology, but love this (AND I am also REALLY enjoying my S2H Replay , that reminds me I need to give you an update on "my personal trainer"! also got THAT through Sweet Deals , boy are they bringing me into the 21st century!!) Use coupon code FRIENDS5 to get $5 off your first Mamapedia Sweet Deals purchase! :)

*William is becoming quite the dancer BTW, I may just have to upload some videos of his moves! His favorite song is "Dynamite", you know this one?)


  1. Thanks, Mel! I've been wanting a speaker for my iPod...I'll check it out. And yes, I know Dynamite. My son picks up on anything from Kids Bop, and then it ends up on my iPod and we listen in the car, so I'm pretty "down" with the music of today. Bwahahaha! I know I must sound like my mom when she would try to use language of her generation to be "rad" like us teens. LOL. Anyway, my six year old's favorites include Dynamite, Firework, Hey Soul Sister, Hey There Delilah, and Animal by Neon Trees.
    Have a good one!

  2. Hey Melanie, thanks for sharing this great information. I've been looking for something small like that to use in my craft room. I'm on my way to check it out. Hugs to you, Sharon :o)


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