Saturday, March 5, 2011

Play with Your Food!

So remember the shop Kids Cook I mentioned in this post where I learned to make those adorable snowball cupcakes with the popcorn? Well, I was so surprised and delighted to see a Sweet Deal pop up today for their online site, $15 for $30 worth of Kids Cooking Supplies! Let me tell you about a few of my, er, the kids', favorite products we've bought from Barbara! :) She knows me by name as I go in their my own without the kids to browse all the fun "play with your food" toys! I also take all my local peeps (Cammie , Donna, Vanessa (they all walked out with full arms!)) and out of town guests in there, it is like Williams Sonoma for kids! (and big kids like myself!;)

The first purchase I made there, which we use every day, are these Food Face plates! The kids love em, it's all about presentation getting them to try new foods! I was so happy when she started carrying the GIRL Food Face a few months later, yup, I have one!

LOVE all these cookbooks she's created! My favorite which makes a great birthday gift for little girls is the "Spa Princess Cookbook", which has edible recipes perfect for a spa party as well as lip balms, bath bombs, etc, the pictures of each recipe are so stunning and inspirational, you want to make everything!

If you have boys (or a husband that love Star Wars) you need the "Star Wars Cookbook"! I kid you not, the best brownies I've EVER eaten are in this book (use white chocolate chips!) Your kids will enjoy creative and fun recipes like Yoda Soda and Han Burgers!

The list of things I want that are just so over the top fun is long: Onion Goggles(no more tears!) , Mini Cupcake Maker, Ice Cream Ball, Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter, etc! Having some of their fun, safe utensils has really helped me enjoy being in the kitchen more and gets the kids involved, which is always a good thing!

Follow this link to check out the deal and purchase if you are interested!


  1. What a creative way to teach how children how to cook AND get them to eat veggies! :o) Thanks for sharing Melanie!!

  2. How clever!!! Think I will hop over and take a peek...but then, our grandson eats everything in sight!!! LOL!

  3. Are these plates not cool? I've ordered a set for my grandson and my granddaughter. Thanks for the link, Melanie.

  4. Eliza has one of those face plates! We need more; I wonder if I missed the deal.
    So great to see you yesterday!


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