Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Did anyone watch the Academy Awards? Even though the kids see almost none of the movies,( except this WAS a big year for "Toy Story 3", they saw that!!) they do enjoy printing out their own ballots to fill out to see who gets the most, even though they have to go go to bed about 45 minutes into it! Here's our festive little spread, made possible by an adorable little Hershey's Kiss fondue pot from Donna Baker, isn't that cute? You can't see it in the pics, but the little white skewer handles have the blue words printed on them like the Kiss flags. :) With all the chocolate, I tried to go heavy on the fruit for dipping but we did sneak some pink and white marshmallows in there! William said, "We have GOT to do this more often!" :)

Although William still can't read very much, his random guessing usually puts him in second place for most correct; this year he tied with Paul with 8 and I came out on top with 12, only seen a few myself this year but did read a bit of the buzz beforehand...

William is well and back at school but now JONATHAN has been out the last two days, came down with fever starting Saturday, can you believe? Fortunately, his temp hasn't been too high and he has has few other symptoms so we've just been watching a lot of "Watch Instantly" movies on Netflix together on a blow up air mattress in my office and resting. I did manage to make a card for this week's color challenge this morning, though, plus a quickie "Where Your Heart Is" project I will post soon, a card but not, you'll see! :)


  1. Hey... just a note... when we saw the Justin Beiber movie Saturday that is like the THING in his audiences... everyone holding their hands in the "Where Your Heart Is" form. LOVED it!! AND... I guess I never showed Emily or SHE didn't take note... but she was thrilled when I told her I had a stamp set that has hands doing that!!! I will have to make her a "I had a great time" card with it to thank her for her company during that wonderful Saturday. :-)

  2. Hope the kids get better at the same time soon!

  3. What a yummy idea for the entire family!

  4. Sounds like it was a fun night & yummy fondue.
    Hope Jonathan feels better soon. Take care!


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