Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Have an Ear Infection

Sorry, I'm going to be behind again. Please pray for Jonathan, hope we can get some sleep through the pain tonight. More as soon as I can!

Hope you had a good weekend, we got to enjoy a lot of fun family time eysterday and a birthday party before sickness found us again!


  1. I was plagued with ear aches when I was little, Mel. My son also had them. They make a little hot water bottle that you can get at the pharmacy, called a Face Bottle. I always used one of those wrapped in a flannel receiving blanket. The warmth soothed the pain enough for some good sleep. Hope you all get some! Prayers are going up!

  2. The warmth helps a lot. So sad when your little ones are not feeling well. Will pray for him. Dede


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