Monday, March 7, 2011

STV Sketch Spotlight 16

Good morning, and happy Monday! Time for a new STV Sketch Spotlight! Today's card was thrown together in about 10 minutes, but with stuff I already had on hand, let me explain, it is kind of a lesson in "use what you have!"
I had already stamped colored and cut out these three individual pieces, the flowers and basket from "Spring Basket" and the chicks from "Basket Blessings" , just coloring one day, not intending to use any of them together, just *some* time! I didn't have my sample ready for this morning so I grabbed these three images from my "grab and go" pile. When I start with DP, I usually pick the colors for images from that, but I had no purple papers! Our cards can sometimes get really matchy match when we work this way and don't have enough contrast, purple and yellow are complementary colors so I saw putting the chicks with these flowers would look really nice together and allow me to pick form some of my yellow and green papers I had in the Basic Grey Origins pack(first pack on top of the stack, I have to go volunteer ina few minutes so didn't even have time to try others LOL!). I used an eggplant colored ink for the "In Stitches" stamped on the printed panels to tie in the Vibrant Violet base. (I intended to use a smaller stitch but couldn't find the set at first glance but this one was stil out on my table, that's how rushed I was!! It actually looks kind of nice with the weave on the basket and frilly flowers, hmmmm... LOL!))
Gingham is 5/8" Pure Luxury. The basket was stamped onto white paper and shaded with grays to look like a white basket, but since I ended up putting it with these blue and purple flowers and violet base, I went over the gray areas with a pale Lavender BV31 Copic to unify the colors.

Be sure to sure the tag STVSKSP16 when you upload you new creation with the sketch to the StampTV gallery! I hope you play along and good luck winning the free stamps!

Jonathan is at school with a heavy dose of Ibuprofen and we got an appointment to see the doctor today after school, thanks for praying!


  1. Love the purple flowers. The chick & eggs are so cute with the basket.

  2. Well look at you with your stitching!! I'm jealous!! LOL Love the card and the coloring! Poor Jonathan... I'll keep him in my prayers. *HUGS*

  3. Melanie,this is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Don't you love it when things that are unplanned just work so well together!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I will include Jonathan in my prayers today. I hope he is feeling better soon.
    Have a Blessed week,

  4. Your card is beautiful.I
    have a grab and go stash,too.
    I color and cut out while
    watching tv.
    Hope Jonathan is feeling much
    better today.

  5. I love what you can throw together, Melanie. I have both of your basket sets and have been a little overwhelmed with tackling them but please keep on "wowing" me with you samples.

    Hope Jonathan feels better soon.

  6. Stunning card! I love the color combo.

  7. Melanie, that is an awesome 10 minute card! Sometimes the unplanned ones are the cutest!

    Sending warm, prayerful thoughts and hugs for Jonathan!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  8. Gorgeous colors and love those Easter eggs.

  9. Melanie, pretty card, you always come thru.


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