Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blessings Everywhere You Go...

Hi! Just had to share with you to a little something I recently treated myself to (late Valentine's? early birthday?) but it is really more of reminder and an "outlook" than a gift or indulgence. After leaving Bible study the previous week, I was driving home and thinking about a few things from the lesson, video, and devotionals I've read lately, basically all pointing to all the miracles in life, great and small, remembering not to forget how greatly blessed we have been, and how God is working for your good...
Well, anyway, since I was in my car, I remembered how I always thought those little vases with a flower in VW Bugs were so cute, and that I should get in on that action and keep a rose* in my car as a constant reminder of God's love for me and all the beauty around me and great things He has done, and continues to do, in my life! (and, of course, the flowers reminds me of my book) ;) I ordered it and the flower from this site (hey, free shipping over $10, so picking out a flower to go with is a great deal! Love their daisies, too) and by golly, if it doesn't just brighten my day and make me feel like a princess driving around now!

Who knows, it just might even push me to keep the rest of my car a *bit* cleaner, what a bonus that would be!

I think YOU should get one, too! :)

Hugs to you! Fun hop with new toys tomorrow, see you bright and early!

* I got the silver clip and red cream (but just might need to go back get a yellow daisy when it warms up a bit, plus another vase for a friend, I honestly think everyone should have one, fun gift people probably don't have!)


  1. Cute! You'll have Spring wherever you go! :)

  2. That is the neatest thing I have seen. I went and bought one for me and one each for my 2 daughters. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How fun! I bought a sweet air freshener at Bath and Body Works for my car last week! Smells so nice! You go girl!!!

  4. I've never seen those before! I think it's a sweet reminder of God's love and care for us!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  5. Your feeds aren't loading for me again :( Last updated feed was your list of questions.

  6. what a cool idea. I ordered one for my BFF....don't think DH would be too happy with one for our car though. :)

  7. Great idea. Did you ever notice how you really study a flower and it's petal once you have tried to color a stamped image? Then, you realize how beautiful and what an amazing gift from God it is? Well, I guess you have since you put that great book together. LOL . Have a beautiful day.( Hope to go find your book this week at my Archivers. )

  8. What a great idea! Didn't know that they sold these so I'll have to get me one too! Thanks for posting to tell us about this product!


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