Sunday, February 26, 2012

What do YOU think?

Happy Sunday! A few questions to help with me planning posts, there are hundreds of you reading but only a few who consistently comment so I would love to hear from more of you what you like best, want to see and is most helpful. Thanks in advance for reading and your answers in the comment section below!

1. Do you prefer a list of materials or listing materials as I go through description of card?

2. Do you like conversational directions or numbered, concise directions?

3. Do you like tons of samples with new stuff in the first month released, or a variety of past sets and newest during the month?

4. Do you need step by step coloring photos with Copics, or a separate photo showing which colors go where?

5. Do you read the whole post (or just go straight to the card)?

6. Do you want more than one post a day? (example: post quotes, family stuff in the same post with card for a longer post, or have them separate)

Okay, that's all I can think of right now! Again, I appreciate your feedback, feel free to only answer the ones that are most important to you or have an opinion about.

Have a great day!

PS LOTS of fun stuff coming up! New stamps, sponsoring a challenge, CardMaker hop, etc, I'd better get busy!


  1. 1. List
    2. Numbered
    3.I like it Mixed up I like to see what can be done with old and the new and mixing the two is good as well.
    4.Step by Step
    5. Both LOL I like to see the card then read some day I like to read then see.
    6. Does not mater to me I like it both ways.


  2. I like a listing of materials used.
    Concise directions.
    Like to see both old and new.
    Love the step by step coloring photos!
    Usually read the whole post.
    Separate posts for cards and chitchats.

    Love your designs! You are a real inspiration and a great teacher!

  3. I like the list of materials all together.

    Concise directions (numbered, bullet form however)

    I like old and new (especially if it's a month where I didn't get that set.... Yet) ;)

    I like your step by step photos for colouring (although I don't use copics so I'm just nosey I guess LOL)

    I read your whole post eventually but if it's a busy day when you post it I look at the card and save the email update so I can go back and read the post later.

    Doesn't make any difference to me if your posts are divided up or not... I like reading it all anyways.

  4. Hello Melanie,
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts.
    In answer to your questions. It doesn't matter if it is a list or as you go along. I am a seasoned crafter so while I don't need concise directions I find it interesting how people do things/color images. I try to read the whole post, but it depends on how much time I have. I like a mix of old and new. Family stuff is cool and it doesn't matter to me whether it is separate or in a post with a card.

    Creating a blog takes time, creating step by steps even more so but I think it is very helpful to people. That said, sometimes it is nice to just get a short post.

    I would welcome your feedback on my blog if you have time. I just started one.

    Hope all my blathering helped in some small way.


  5. 1. List
    2. Whatever comes more natural for you!
    3.It doesn't matter
    4. General idea
    5. I read the whole post
    6. Do what is realistic for YOU. You know what time constraints you have!

  6. 1. I prefer a list of materials so that I can see if I have everything that I need or if I have something that I could substitute if need be.

    2. I would prefer numbered, concise directions.

    3. I would rather have a variety of past sets and newest during the month.

    4. I need step by step coloring photos with Copics because I am still trying to get better with these markers.

    5. I read the whole post.

    6. Life gets in the way when trying to post to my blog - so one post a day is fine.

  7. I read your whole blog and always try to comment except on days that I just don't have the time. Do you ever get tired of the same comments?? Since I always love your work, there is only so many ways to express that without getting repeatitive. If something really strikes my fancy like a special paper/stamp/technique, etc., I love a product list so I know what products are being used. I also love a brief explanation of what colors were used for coloring. I seem to pick up tons of tips on coloring techniques that way. Love your blog. I love new ideas on current stamps but also like to see them mixed with the older sets. TFS so much with us.

  8. Hi,
    1. I like a List of supplies.
    2. I also like to have them numbered in order of their assembly.
    3. Mixing the sets up will work as sometimes I don't have all the newest things but I can then adapt it to what I do own.
    4. Step by step photos is nice but I can work around it if you don't do it.
    5. Most times I read the whole post.
    6. One post is fine with me.

  9. Hi Melanie,
    1. A list of supplies would be nice.
    2. concise directions
    3.Old and new is fine with me.
    4. i would love to see step by step copic coloring since I'm trying to get better coloring with copics.
    5.I read the whole post
    6. One post at a time is fine with me.

    I also wanted to ask if you have used the Inkadinkado stamping mask paper and what you think about it.

  10. I love the way you do ALL your posts period. I think it takes a lot of time to do step by step but I do try to let people know what materials and supplies I use but I really get bored with step by step and all the details.... Even in MY posts. LOL I love your family stuff mixed in. We all are part if more than just our crafts.

  11. Hi, I'm one that never comments, and it's not that I don't care, I just don't usually take the time. I just look at the cards, sorry but that's usually it. Sometimes if I'm having a problem getting something colored just right then I'll read the directions. I like a mix of all of your sets but it's your blog so do what makes you the happiest.

  12. 1 List
    2 Conversational
    3 a variety cause it takes so long for stamps to get to me three weeks is a minimum that is if I am making a block purchase that month.
    5 I read the whole post
    6 While I would love more than once a day you may want to pace yourself

    By the way if you are mapping where your book is you need to expand a whole lot and jump the pond. I know of at least two in the uk. Your biggest Brit fan

  13. Melanie, your desire to hear what we think reveals the preciousness of your heart.
    1, List of materials at the end
    2. numbered concise directions
    3. love the new stuff, but would love seeing past sets paired with new – so I can incorporate what I have (helps me justify buying new stuff –LOL)
    4. I NEED step by step coloring with Copics
    5. I read the whole post!
    6. Don’t need more than one post a day – but I LOVE hearing about your family, little trips you take, etc. --- because it helps me relate to you.You are such a talented artist, I like to think you do the same things I do -- take care of family, shop locally, etc.

  14. 1. List
    2. Concise directions
    3. Variety, it's always fun to see
    what to do with older sets.
    4. Step by step is nice but
    whatever works for you.
    5. Go to the card then read the
    6. Either way again whatever is
    easiest for you.

  15. 1. no preference
    2. conversational
    3. I like to see a variety. Not everyone can get the new stuff when it comes out and as long as it's still available to buy, I'd love to see different things done with past stamps.
    4. Not really
    5. I'd say about 75% of the time I go straight to the card.
    6. No preference

  16. 1.list of materials
    2.step-by-step of major parts of how-to; keep it simple for your sake!
    3.Love seeing lots of samples of new stuff; but helps also to see how to use older stamps, products from my stash!
    4.sometimes need step-by-step on Copics blending/colors. Maybe just a section of the image? it ALL one topic per post; pace yourself!
    LOVED the "Out and About: Book Sighting". WISH I could attend a signing but long way from Nebraska!
    I'm guilty of not commenting often; because I LOVE all of your designs & samples and figure designers get tired of hearing the same thing over and over!

  17. I'm going to be honest- since you changed your blog it shows up with NO text in my google reader- only the title- I tend not to click on it- my days are extremely busy with teaching and I love when I can just read it all in the reader. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days that I will click through because I have more time. I LOVE your blog and always loved your tidbits about "real life"- especially this new healthy journey you have been on- I have been missing reading it but I just can't click through every day!

    I do love when designers showcase their products and the tutorials are great too!

  18. Melanie I just have to tell you that I am pretty new to your blog but I really like what I see & read. To answer your questions though
    1. lists
    2. numbered concise directions
    3. variety
    4. step by step coloring
    5. picture 1st then read the post
    6. once a day is good
    Hope these answers are helpful. I just got my set of Year of flowers stamps and pressed flowers and your book from Stamp TV and all I can say is WOW, I can't wait to get stamping. TFS your talents.

  19. 1. Either is fine, 2. your directions are very clear either way, 3. I like variety, maybe with new highlighted, 4. I like copics step by step, 5. I like your posts and read the whole thing, 6. Either way I'll read, 7. PLEASE have your blog show everything in Reader as Tami notes. It is quick and easy that way.
    Your tutorials and stamp sets rock and I agree with all the complimentary comments.

  20. I love your state flowers.I immediately ordered the book and stamp set from Annie's Attic. I also ordered the LA & MS magnolia stamp. Love it. Would love to see more of flowers colored with Copics on cards with the Copic numbers listed. I read your whole post, it would be great if you did video's showing how you colored the flowers.

  21. Thanks for asking for our input! I love your posts just as they have been, but since you asked for specific input, here are my answers.
    1) I like a separate list of materials
    2) Step by step directions, but I don't mind some conversational type directions, so whatever seems to work best for a given project.
    3) I like a mix of the old and new since I don't always get the newest set right away
    4) step by step coloring
    5) I usually look at the photo first and then read the post to get the details of how you created it
    One post a day unless there's something really exciting to share. I'm lucky if I get to it once per day and I do enjoy having some of the family/personal stuff mixed in.

  22. I prefer a list of materials, conversational directions, both new and old sets together, I read the whole post before looking at the card, I like photos of Copics and where each color goes. Actually I love your work so anyway you want to blog is fine with me.

    Thanks for the chance to add input.

  23. I like any way you do it - I devour the whole thing. I also enjoy your family stuff and what you guys are up to. The picture tutorials showing step by step have been very helpful to me. I have them copied in a folder and can go back and study what you've done if I hit a snag.

  24. 1. list
    2. whatever you feel like that day
    3. a mix
    4. either one
    5. whole post
    6. whatever is comfortable for you

  25. Melanie, I'm a list person for sure. I like easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I definitely want the copic numbers but don't need the placement photos so much (unless they're tricky). I have tons of GKD stamps now so mixing it up is good for me - it reminds of what I already have LOL. You can put family stuff in whenever you'd like...separate posts aren't necessary. I read the whole thing almost every time and really enjoy all of them.

  26. Hi Melanie! Here is my input:
    1) list of materials
    2) concise directions
    3) variety
    4) step by step
    5) I read the whole post
    6) whatever is easier for you

  27. I wish I had more time to comment. I love to peek (i.e., get my "fix"), but feel guilty when I spend too much time pouring over posts when I have so much to do with school and finding a job and keeping up the house. I usually scroll to the project, unless something in your title for the post indicates to me that it's going to include a wonderful story. If I see something in your project that really makes me wonder how in the world you did something, then I would stop to read more about it. Aside from a materials list that includes which stamp set, or the manufacturer of the paper line you used, or a brand new product that I might not have seen and might be interested in looking for, I don't need to know what each item is. I'm going to use similar items that I have. I LOVE step by step instructions for Copic coloring anytime you want to include them. One of those things that people do differently, and try as I might, I haven't quite gotten the hang of some of the styles I like. So I'm all for show, and show again. Truly, I love your creations, and they give me a quick creative taste. But the most time I spend on your blog is when you talk about stuff that isn't really craft related. You give me a little lift to my day. Thanks, Mel. And thanks for asking.

  28. Boy did you ask for it! 1. doesn't matter. 2. either 3.mixture 4.don't have Copics but like your tutes anyway.5.I read all 6.whatever is more convenient for you. I loved the post about staying young. I printed and shared it with a group of Sunday School class members. I also bookmarked the Girlfriends in God site. Your posts make me feel like I've found a new Christian friend who is a super talented artist. God bless you, Melanie.

  29. Probably have a list of materials up front. I like the conversational style. And I like your family stuff mixed in with your card ideas. I look at your post about everyday. And I look at the card first and then read the directions and post about your life.

  30. Hello Melanie,

    Fisrt I just recieved your "A Year in Flowers" book and stamp set...I LOVE them...
    1. List
    2. Concise instructions cause I am new to stamping
    3. I love all your items so a variety would be awesome
    4. Step by step Copic coloring
    5. I try to read the whole post when I get the chance.
    6. Which ever would be easiest for you.
    Thank you for asking our opinion whatever you chose to do I will continue to follow along ((Hugs))

  31. I just love your blog and find it so informative. I've learned so much from you. I prefer a list of materials so that I can look at them all together. I think I prefer concise directions, but please do include your family stuff in your card post. I do like tons of samples of the new stuff. It inspires me and gets me excited. I have enjoyed your step by step Copic instructions, but I think a mix of posts with steps and others with photos showing where the colors go would be great. I will read all of each post, no matter how you approach it! :) Thanks for all you do.

  32. I agree with Joy and others. My only exception is #5. I look at the cards and if I'm interested and have time, I read the rest of the post.
    One a day is enough. Family stuff is interesting once in a while, but my interest is in the cards. Guess I'm not very social, eh?

  33. 1. listing of materials
    2. numbered, concise directions
    3. either
    4. either
    5. both...depends on my time availabile
    6. ONE only

    Love your blog Melanie!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  34. I would love to see a sample picture of your project pop up in my original e-mail, so I don't have to click a link to see whether I'm interested. Other bloggers I follow are able to do this, but I don't know anything about blog settings.

  35. 1. List
    2. Numbered concise directions
    3. Both
    4. Step by step
    5. I only read about the card
    or project
    6. One post daily

  36. I like a listing of materials used.
    Concise directions.
    Like to see both old and new.
    Love the step by step coloring photos!
    Usually read the whole post.
    it can all be together cards and chit chat.
    would love more posts!
    Love your designs! You are a real inspiration and a great teacher!
    hope this helps you.

  37. 1. List of materials
    2. Concise directions
    3. Variety is perfect. I love seeing the old and new stuff intermixed.
    4. Step by step with copics.
    5. Usually go straight to the card.
    6. More than one post, I like the cards separate.

  38. I love directions, yes I read the whole post :).
    1. list materials
    2. I always need directions :)
    3. I do love variety, especially at release.
    4. I do love step by step coloring, since I am new to it and could use all the help I can get.
    5. I do read your whole post, I do not want to miss anything.
    6. One post a day is enough for me
    7. The End :)

  39. The way you're doing your posts is fine. I do like, and follow numbered concise directions better.
    I try to read the entire post and the more samples of your work you want to give us the better! I don't care if you're using old or new stuff.

  40. I thought I would answer the questions that applied most to me. The first 3 don't matter that much to me....whatever is easer or whatever you get the most votes on!

    4. love the step by step

    5. It just depends on my day! If I am super busy I might just run to the card...but I do LOVE TO READ the posts.

    6. seperate

    TFS your talent!!!!

  41. 1. List
    2. Either works for me.
    3. Variety
    4. see what colors go where
    5. whole post, of course!
    6. one post/day, even if its long.

  42. 1. List
    2. New and old
    3. Variety
    4. Step by step
    5. Card first then read the post.
    6. One post a day
    Thanks for making your blog a fun and informative place to visit.

  43. Hi Melanie,
    I love the way you presented Feb 1st blog. This type of post is fantastic for me. I love seeing the whole new stamp set, the image with the marker colors and the finished project. I even loved how you added the scripture after the Mehndi Wishes card. Thanks for everything.

  44. Lauretta DeShaneMarch 9, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    I have your Year of Flowers book and set...LOVE THEM!!


Your generous feedback helps make my work and this blog better! Thanks for inspiring and motivating me! :)