Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello from Alaska

Good morning! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and visiting our hops the last two days. Today I am sharing a card made with the Forget me-not from Stately Flowers 3 (because I haven't shown one with that yet, colored it, yes, bu haven't finished the card!) from one of my readers Kris Reeves (Kris in Alaska) I did some digging and found some very talented stampers from Alaska (check back in the next few weeks from another Alaskan guest Cynthia Olheiser!)

Isn't this blue gorgeous?! I learned something receiving her photo: all the ones I'd seen online looked so violet or periwinkle. Kris said, though, "The forget-me-nots here are definitely blue... I grow them in my yard... or I should say they grow where they want to in my yard! Some of them do have a periwinkle phase to them but it's the gorgeous "blue" that I look forward too when they are in bloom. I've actually never seen them any other color than blue or light periwinkle except in catalogs and with artists' license in designs. Do grow them... they are so very lovely... especially after a long winter of snow!"

Wow, how gorgeous would flowers this color be in your yard? Now I might have to use the this image with Gina K Pure Luxury Blue Raspberry! (Anyway, as you all know, all's fair in coloring in stamping, make it what you like!) :) I love how she created the border with the flowers around the oval die cut window and added just some hints of violet to the little berries and petals with colored pencils.

Another fun thing, I spied a little clay pot growing kits for Forget-me-nots at the Target dollar spot this past week, just praying they will grow! :) They are sitting on kitchen window sill so I'm hoping they'll make it and I can see some of these in real life. Wouldn't it be sweet to gift one of these pots to a teacher or friend along with a stamped card to match? So...I'd run to Target ASAP before they sell out of these little dollar mini gardens, would be cute as a little girl's birthday party favor, too, friend for Valentine's Day etc! Even my boys were excited to put the little seeds in the pot and add water to the disk of soil to watch it expand. Hopefully I can come back in a few weeks and have picture of some three inch plants, ready to transplant into a larger pot or our garden!

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. What beautiful coloring for the forget me knots on the card, and sure hope your $1 Target sale pot-o-seeds sprouts up brilliant blue flowers for you!!

  2. WHOA Mel!!! Those are incredibly deep and rich in that blue!!!!

  3. The blue is fabulous! What a gorgeous card, great job Kris! Melanie, I hope that your flowers grow - will look forward to seeing how they look in a few weeks! Hugs...

  4. Love all of your lovely creations! It would be great to see anything you make! I would like to see how you use your stamp sets with the Spellbinder dies ... anything you create would be fun to learn!! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win a Spellbinder .. this one in particular would be excellent to use at my church for a variety of events for all ages ... I am praying!
    ~Amy S.~


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