Monday, February 1, 2010

Animals Aplenty...

Well, boo hoo, BOTH my kids are going to have to stay home from school today, which means probably no nap for mama or any stamping! (I have some Eastery "Square Pegs" cards to share but want to do so a just a little closer to Easter, and have half a pop up oven card finished, but half a card won't do!) However through the magic of the Internet, this will be a cootie free post , so read with confidence! Here are a few of my favorite animal cards submitted for my two year anniversary hop:

These first two are both by Marsha Drain. The koala card she made with "Cuddles and Hugs" to match her DP pencil can is so cute! Love the pale green funky nature print (kind of Outback!) with the cocoa, and how she even used the three colors for the brads, it has such an earthy feel and she did a wonderful job creating a little scene for them with the different stamped leaves. I just noticed that "branch" is one of the stems from "A Year of Flowers" LOL! very clever! This snuggly couple is still one of my favorite animals images I've illustrated...
The next one Marsha made with "Just So Hoppy", my spring-y Spring set from 2008 (and I promise I will be making some cards with it for your inspiration in the next two months!) I loved the bright red and white color scheme and the way she did the greeting separating the "Hoppy" from "Valentine's Day!" framed in the heart, right down to the little popped up heart in its hands, scallops and all! What a hoppy card!

This last one using "Jumping for Joy" was created by Terri E. The black and white houndstooth pattern could not have been more perfect and the bright pink ribbon and button provide such beautiful color and contrast! She popped up just the head and used the little balloon image and greeting from "Just So Hippy" to put in its mouth as it goes prancing by, so sweet! (okay, this zebra might be my FAVORITE animal I've done! :) but ask me on a different day and I might change my mind... ;)
Viewing these cards brought back really wonderful memories for me since the coordinating animal collections were some of the first several sets I designed for Gina K. I haven't had much time to work with them lately being so busy sharing ideas for my newest sets and dreaming up the next ones to come, but it's great to see how timeless they are and how much are customers are enjoying them for their cardmaking. I still get emails all the time telling me "Just So Hippy" is still their favorite set or they finally moved another one of the animal sets off their wishlist and into their stamp room! :) And of course, that makes me really hoppy! (hippy?)
Thanks for visiting today! Tell me, what's your favorite animal set or animal image I've done?They are all listed in this link!)
PS Did you see the snippets have started on Gina K's blog? You might not have long to wait before you get a peek of my set, I better hurry with my clues LOL!


  1. Cute cute cards! My fav set was the frogs.. but then that is two sets. *smile*

  2. love the cards - I need the inspiration about to start my Valentine's Day cards.
    I love all your stamps, but Cuddles and Hugs is one of my favorites .... so do you have another animal set coming out?

  3. My favorite animal image of yours is the one of the two lions hugging.

  4. These cards are adorable Melanie! Thanks for sharing them! Hugs Lori

  5. I just love that little zebra kicking up his heels that Terri used on her card!

  6. Cute, cute, cute. Great cards, and lots of fun!!!

  7. Super fun cards! I was so surprised to see mine on your site, what an honor!!!! Okay favorite animal stamp sets/stamp. Well Izzy's favorite is the hippo. I love all of them, but I would say I pull out jumping for joy quite a lot.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  8. What a nice surprise to see my cards on your blog. I feel so honored. I think that Kanga is so cute. This was the first card I had made with him. There will be many more.


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