Thursday, February 4, 2010


My baby is turning 5 next week! I made these trading card invites for my Pokemon-obsessed little boy's party. They are A2 sized to fit in an envelope, but look like the real smaller cards, I just scanned the back of one and then created a mock up of the trading card side in my photo editing program with William's school pic and the details for the party below. I cut them out and stuck them back to back (so I could print out two full invites on one sheet) so it was like a real trading card instead of an invitation that opened. I got ideas for the verbiage online and made him a Level 5 since he's turning 5 (although that's not the best level, but I did give him 100 damage points, LOL! Don't try to understand it, I don't really get what any of this stuff means either, and I live with it!) I printed them onto glossy photo paper which gives them a realistic slick finish, and used my corner rounder punch on the corners. He loves how they turned out and I do too! Just had to share since it's my baby, and also because this trading card idea is a really inexpensive but personalized thing you could create for your child's themed party, not just for Pokemon, but all sorts of sports, etc! Your child will love seeing their face on a card! And is a nice keepsake afterwards...

For thank yous I may print up more cards with a pic I took of each child from the party featured instead (but we'll see, that might feel too ambitious post-festivities, we're doing it at the house this year, with all sort of homemade games, so wish me luck, I'm going to need it! (Oh yeah, and please pray for NO RAIN in Austin on the 20th, day of the party, because a wet backyard will put a serious damper on the par-tay!!)
His actual birthday is actually on the night of the Gina K release party (Thursday), so I will be a little bit late, but you know I won't miss if for anything! Sneak peeks starting real soon, busy busy!
Have a great weekend! (Come back to check out some of the contest entries, and don't forget to post your own!) :)


  1. So so so so so cute and what a great idea. My grandson is turning 4 tomorrow so bdays are in the air! The trading card idea is sooo clever, I am going to stick that one in my creative journal for next year when my grandbabies are a little older. Feels strange now talking about Grandbabies when it wasn't that long ago I was also talking about babies. They grow sooo fast, appreciate every minute you have with them (I know you do) because it is gone in a second (then you really get to have fun with grandbabies LOL)!

    the PaperTemptress

  2. An absolutely fab idea... I wonder what my cards my son will be into to at the time of his 11th Birthday this year... probably still Top Gear and all things cars. Definiteley a great idea that won't be forgotten by me. Love them!!

  3. You are so clever and I love all that you do. Please understand that I always visit, just don't always comment. I love your work, your designs and your creativity. And your son is adorable! Thanks so much for all that you give and share.

  4. What a wonderful idea! You are so clever. My daughter is into Yugio. That may not be how you spell it. I'm clueless too. LOL!

  5. What a great idea. I love how you just scanned it and mocked it up.

  6. That is one of the most clever ideas I think I have ever seen! You have one lucky little boy! I remember when my son loved pokemon. My DH made him a Blastoise costume for Halloween that actually shot water just like the real character!
    Hope all turns out well!
    Love your blog!

  7. What a fun idea! I can't believe he's turning 5 already! These came out awesome!! Praying for no rain on the 20th!


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