Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pieces of JOY...

It was my delight to receive this beautiful card last Thursday from my stamping friend Joy Hadden, one of our StampTV CenterStage Alumni designers, who was enjoying my Pretty Patterns stamp set.  I love this sophisticated color combo, the addition of the Swiss dot patterned paper with the borders, and how she she cut the scalloped bottom with a PTI die. This is a wonderful design any time you need a fantastic card in a pinch!  

If you aren't familiar with this wonderful lady from her blog, Pieces of Joy or StampTV gallery, you are in for a real treat.  But I was extremely saddened to read in her enclosed note, however, that her husband Sandy had very recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (which is the one of the most aggressive of all cancers with one of the poorest survival rates), yet the family trusted God's sovereignty and his doctor was optimistic he would be one of the few who could beat the disease.  It touched me all the more she made time to reach out to me with a hand-stamped card to thank me for something small while her family was dealing with his illness!  Immediately, the family went on my prayer list and my spirit was hopeful hearing the good prognosis and that they were at peace, placing Sandy in God's hands.
While it is *never* too late to pray, I learned this Monday that God had already called Sandy home just after Joy wrote to me.  I can't even imagine what a shock it must have been to lose him so suddenly.  I am very thankful to know he is in heaven and didn't suffer long, and was able to say goodbye to his family and friends.  My heart goes out to Joy for her loss.  Please help me support this dear woman who is a light in the world and our stamping community.

Here is a message from Joy, that I am sharing with her permission:

"Please pray for my 3 girls - they are grown with families - but they were very close to their Dad and are missing him, that our God that comforts will be evident for my girls. 

The last verse Sandy asked our family to quote together was his life verse:

In the day of prosperity be happy, But in the day of adversity consider— 

God has made the one as well as the other.
Ecclesiastes 7:14

  In my mind I know that confidence in God's timing is a choice to delight in God's goodness even when it looks like one's life is falling apart.  I have peace - I'm sometimes sad but I want to live a joyous life, living according to Gods time and eternal perspective - something I know Sandy would desire.
(Photo a family friend took of the family at Sandy's memorial, Joy's daughter added this scripture)
(The service)  was a blessing and an encouraging time,  where the gospel was clearly presented (something he wanted) with a lot of worshipful singing led by one of my son-in-laws, who is a music minister in a church in College Station.

My daughters (Tess, Tara and  Stori) would be touched by cards from stamping friends - my address is 

Joy Hadden
11187 County Road 168
Tyler, TX  75703.  
 I will be sure they get them."

Joy and Sandy's testimony ministers to my heart, and reminds me of something a grieving character (whose young daughter died in an accident) put so well in the movie Courageous (paraphrased, I can't find the quote, but the message stuck with me):  "I can be angry that I lost her, or thankful for the time I had her...and I choose to be thankful."  I am praying for their family as they move forward. God bless you, Joy, for your choice to live out your name and life of abundance as Sandy would have wanted, and clinging to God's promises.

 Please pray for Joy and leave her some love and encouragement today!  I will share a sympathy card here soon, thank you for reading!


  1. What a beautiful card, Melanie. I'm so very sorry to hear of Joy's loss.

  2. Thank YOU for keeping me informed!

  3. I don't know Joy other than from Blog Hopping (and her name is my most favorite word, ever!) I will be sure to pop a card in the mail to her and her family. You're a sweet friend to share this info and I am sure Joy appreciates it and you! (((hugs)))

  4. What a beautiful post Melanie. I met Joy in person in July when I roomed with her and her sister, Debbie at CHA. Joy is the sweetest, kindest person and my heart is so heavy for her. Your tribute was just what I needed to read this morning. Love and hugs to Joy and her girls.

  5. I'm Debbie, Joy's sister, and Joy started dating Sandy when she was 16 years old. She's never lived a day of her life since then without him and this has been hard for her. Sandy was more than a BIL, he was a friend, a kind and generous brother who was always welcoming. He walked the path God set before him and many were touched throughout his life by his faith. Joy and the girls miss him so much as do many, many more people who loved and admired Sandy. Thank you for your beautiful article and sweet thoughts.

  6. Thanks Melanie for this heart goes out to Joy and her family. Thankful for their faith in Christ...

  7. Thank you for posting such a wonderful memorial to a clearly dear man and his loving wife. What special people they must be! I'm looking forward to meeting them.

  8. I just signed up for your blog. I love your stamps and can't wait for the alphabet. Sorry for your loss of your friend. Hugs Linda L. Wood


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