Saturday, January 5, 2008

Precious Moment

In a very brave move I am posting a pic of myself in my pjs without makeup(be kind in your comments), but the moment was TOO priceless not to share. This is the first card my sweet Jonathan made for me with the stamp set I just designed,which he stamped and colored himself, then wrapped and gave to me Christmas morning. A memory for a mother to cherish FOREVER.
The giraffe is one of Jonathan's favorite images in the set, and like a good son, he says it is his FAVORITE SET (and I have a LOT of sets!) He's five, and has spent a lot of time stamping with me. One thing I think he enjoys most about it, though, it gives him so many of options to be creative and make his own choices with his design, by interchanging the items the animals hold, and changing their positions. (what the heck do I mean by all that? You'll have to check out the rest of the set tonight to see! hmmm is that a balloon I see in there...?) As a mom, I'm glad this set is so kid-friendly, in more ways than one! :)

PS I've REALLY enjoyed reading all the comments here and on Gina K's blog, glad you're falling for my giraffe, too! I will be doing another sneak peek here later today(once I get approval on it from "The BossLady";) so check back in a few...! T-minus 8 hours 16 minutes until the release party!


  1. Mel, you are beautiful!!
    What a treasure from your son. Can't wait to see the rest of the images!!

  2. you look wonderful, more 'natural' thanks for humbling yourself to share a captured sweet moment with us! Jonathan did a GREAT job on his card!!

  3. How sweet and he is adorable! I wish I looked as good as you without makeup - you have nothing to worry about, you look great.

  4. Jonathan did a fabulous job!! Thanks for sharing your sweet photo! (You look great, by the way).

  5. That's adorable!!! Seriously made me tear up a bit.


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