Monday, January 28, 2008

A Hip Contest! Wanna Play?

BLOG CANDY: First off, I just want to say HOW RELIEVED I was to see in all the comments that I managed to put together a nice candy package, whew! (but who knows? maybe 400 others viewed the post, said"...meh...", and left!! oh well, better odds for all of you! LOL!) Hopefully future blog candies will not disappoint!I have to admit, by nature I am really very cheap!! (and working very hard to change that!!!) I'm so grateful to everyone who is supporting my set and I know I've VERY been lucky also to have gotten all the traffic to my blog in these past few weeks because of others links and referrals, thank you all! :)

The WINNER, as picked by, was comment #115: 2worlds, come on down and claim your prize, I will email you today to get your address and send out your candy! (But please keep reading even if you're not 2worlds, there's ANOTHER chance to win something BELOW!)

She said: "I have to agree with some the hippo box, I subscribe ur blog for inspirations thanks"

Thank you again EVERYONE for playing, I so enjoyed reading all your sweet comments(I'm still kind of in a daze over how many there were!), and learning everyone has different favorites, that's great news! I'll continue to try and share of a wide variety of projects and ideas here, so please keep coming back! Hopefully future blog candies will not disappoint!

SO! I want to host a contest now that I have a stamp set! This is so exciting! Here's the deal: email me a photo of something you create with the "Just So Hippy" set and type "Just So Hippy Contest" as the subject. Please be sure to include your name and how to contact you. I need all submissions by midnight CST on Friday, February 8th. (So if you haven't bought the set yet, you still have almost 2 weeks, which for most of you (but depending on where you live, maybe not, sorry!) is enough of time to order and have it shipped to you and still get to play!) The winner I choose will be featured on my blog* right after the February Gina K release (check back here and the Gina K forum on SCS for more details about the upcoming release party!) and will receive a FREE STAMP SET (my next release!) along with a special card I create for you using the set(but not YOUR specific set, yours will be NEW, I'll ink up my own, don't worry! LOL!)

Now about this next set, I will just say: If you love "Just So Hippy", you WILL want this next set, FOR SURE! I can't wait to see what you make. Please come play!!

I'll leave you with something a little different, one more card made with Carolyn King's Dr. Feelgood! A bit racier than the first card, but done in sweet, warm fuzzy colors to soften it's "impact".... HA ha! Made you look!

Have a great day!!!

* You can BET I will be sharing several other fabulous entries here on my blog, can't wait, can't wait!!!!


  1. Melanie, your soooo creative. I love the use of limitless labels on this card. Girl you are my idol and YOU ROCK!!!!!

  2. Both cards are adorable Melanie! Soo cute AND so naughty! LOVE em!


  3. Yay, congrats to *2worlds*--lucky lady! How COOl, a contest for Just So Hippy!!! I'm so excited that I already have my set, but for anyone who doesn't...just want to let you know that I got mine only 5 days after I placed my order and I'm in Seattle--Gina K. is in Wisconsin! That's some prompt service! Thanks again, Melanie! ~Hugs~

  4. attempt number 3!! Blogger has been acting wonky on me today!!! I think your stamp set is fabulous....I bought it at the Gina K. release party!! And I thought I'd put your blog on my Google reader......but guess now I have so I can be sure to stalk this fun blog!!! AND...I will definitely be waiting to pounce on your next stamp set!!! And congrats to the winner of some fantastic blog candy!!! :)

  5. Cute cards!! Love them both, Melanie!!

  6. LOVE your Dr. Feelgood card! That is just toooo funny!! I like the monkey card too...don't get me wrong! Can't wait to play with my hippy set, and can't wait to get your new set either!!

  7. Oh I'm so excited about the contest! I ordered my sets (yep, more than one ;) from Gina K yesterday so I'll be all set when they arrive! Can't wait for your next set!!!!!

  8. I am loving these colors together. Great work. :0)

  9. I don't have any Hippy Sets to play with but I am so loving your site!! I just found your site through Donna (Serenity in Stamping) and I amazed at all your creations!! Signing you up to my google reader so I don't miss any of your updates!


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