Sunday, January 6, 2008

If Debbie and Beate Think it's Fabulous...

well, then, it must be!!! I am so excited to have Debbie and Beate, two of the most amazing stampers on the planet designing with MY NEW SET, "Just So Hippy"! (I'm sure these ladies are probably stops number 1 and 2ish on your daily blog rounds, so you've probably seen these already but I HAD to give them this special shout out/thank you and revel in the moment that my set is featured on their awesome blogs!!!) Beate's card:

Debbie's Card:

Just how did I land these two design superstars? Well, we go WAY back and share a Dirty Little Legacy, designing during the same term, it's a bond for life LOL! (And I got really lucky, of course!) They were just so nice to make some time amid all their other design obligations, I was thrilled when they agreed sight unseen to work on it, and even more excited when they did see it and said they LOVED it! Someone pinch me, I still think I'm dreaming! (Must share: I believe Debbie's modest reply was "I'd love to if you think it's within my capabilities." Can you believe? Within her capabilities?? Debbie, please, give it up, you know you're the BOMB!!(to quote Cammie) And dear, dear Beate: her gallery was the first I bookmarked on SCS, (her cards could do NO wrong!), and it was she plucked me from obscurity and extended the invitation for me to design for the DD. I do believe I would be virtually unknown had she not given me a chance to show my stuff! Gosh, I just love these ladies, they do my little stamps proud...
The card at the top ( sorry I can't figure out how to move it to the bottom after I add the image!Donna??) is one I designed for GinaK's gallery, and shows my third animal in the set(see the girafe in the next post) So far everyone's favorites are split between the giraffe and hippo, can I get a little monkey love??? I really like the other two as well, but the monkey having FOUR hands gives you lots of design options!! No, you don't get the whole "butt"* here as some have pointed out, but you've still got one hip, and that's hippy enough for me! The "tattoo" stamps will fit here as you will see on future samples. (here I popped up some of the flowers on a dimensional to give him a little "coverage", I call this one "Modest Monkey" ;)

You can see more samples by me and Gina K's stellar design team in the store gallery, be sure to check them out!
PS I'd love to hear from your comments which animal is YOUR personal favorite and why?
*is it possible to use "fanny" (my favorite, thanks Debbie!), "heiney", or "rump" when referring to their parts? I think they're feeling a little sensitive right now!


  1. of COURSE it's Fabulous, stop being so humble *wink* but they did do a BANG-UP job with their samples!

  2. I forgot to tell you which animal is my favorite (and John's) the giraffe (prob because of the heart spots)

    oh and in your blog post - you came move the photos manually, just click & hold it and move the mouse down until you get to the spot you want it.

  3. Your sample is so darling, as are the samples from your "Supa Stars"!! Love Donna's as well! ;)

    Your set is so adorable, Melanie...and I ordered it last night. Can't wait to play!


  4. Well - I'm loving the monkey! The hippo is adorable too but I'm definately loving the monkey!

    Congrats to you on your accomplishments.


  5. You ARE amazing! Congrats on a very successful is just so cute and I cannot wait to ink it up OVER and OVER again!

  6. The Hippo because my daughter has 3pink stuffed ones that she is in love with. The other animals are cute too though. That thing I like best about the set is that you can add things to the animals. I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this set. You did a great job on it. I look foward to seeing what you come up with next.

  7. Girl...I was honored that you ask. Your stamp set is so adorable. I love playing with it!!!
    I am still tickled pink for you that you got your own stamp set. How cool is THAT!
    Hugs, grins and happy dance!


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