Tuesday, January 1, 2008

SO Nice to be Remembered!

Here is a lovely RAK I received out of the blue from the lovely and talented Lila Holgate, one of my original Dirty Dozen teammates! (And made with one of my favorite Papertrey sets, too, Snowflake Serenade! Lovin' that Soft Sky ink, I never did buy it, hmmm, maybe now!) She thanked me for updating my SCS gallery and said she'd missed my inspiration. That SHE! Missed MY! Inspiration! Whoa, I am truly humbled, I have a lot of Lila's cards in "my favorites", lemme tell ya! Check out her wonderful gallery on SCS: lholgate, she has a blog, too, check it out,(where did I put that address?). THANK YOU, Lila, what a wonderful surprise that was! Your RRAK I promised is on the way! :)
*Update: The Case of the Missing CCC (Copic Ciao Cap) is STILL unsolved!!! I put Jonathan, my DS, on the job, and after several minutes of looking, he declared "It is indeed lost." Wahhh!!!! :(

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