Monday, January 28, 2008

A Hippy Baby has the Total Package!

So you ran to the store to buy onesies and now you're waiting to find out how else you can package them up?(although on a stuffed animal still remains my fave, see the post below!!) Am I right? (hope?) All right, that's fine if it's still on your "to do list", just don't forget, okay? ;)

I had one of of those clear plastic boxes that held those Ferrero Roche truffles from about a year ago I'd been planning to alter. ( I'll share a fun tutorial for that later, when I actually make it, I just need to do it! ;) Anyway, they're every where right now for Valentine's Day(this is the 5 pack, for 2.98), so remove and enjoy the chocolate(mmmm)*, and there is already a loose heart shaped piece of paper from the packaging, no need to make a template, awesome! (see below)I traced this onto a piece of DP, and laid it in the bottom of the box. (Tip: Doublesided DP makes it cute from above AND below! Don't adhere, this way the recipient can flip the design or remove it completely.) Now roll up your onesie so the design is showing the way you want on top (easy if it's a "patterned" onesie, a little more effort if you have an animal you want centered) and add the lid! (it DOES fit.) Wrap a bow around it to hold it together and you're done. In the above pic I added a Cuttlebug die cut heart tag. Isn't that precious?
Edited to ADD TIP: there will be a purple coded number on the side of the box, not something you want on your gift package. Guess what takes this** right off? ULTRA-CLEAN! a must have :)
Now I want to say right off the type of "package" in the photo below I CASED, probably almost a year ago off Splitcoast , here is Beate's great tutorial (Thanks Donna, for finding it!) I just thought it was so cute and loved how simple it was to make: Score a 12x12 sheet of CS at 4", then 8", then turning the paper 90", and scoring again at 4" and 8" (so you have 9 equal squares) and make valley folds. Turn the CS and score the four corner squares from the outer corner to the middle at a diagonal, then pinch these scores in together to make mountain folds and you have your little caddy! Punch holes through these pinched corners and thread a ribbon through to hold it together. CUTE!! I'm also a messystamper, though, so I never ended up putting anything in mine! until Friday, that is, when I completed my onesies, yay!! How sweet to throw in a couple onesies with some cotton balls and Q-tips for a gift or baby shower centerpiece the new mom can take home? (I put some cotton under the shirts and Q-tip sides as well so they'd stand up a little bit more and not move around)
I hope you enjoyed these ideas, thanks for looking! And keep scrolling down if you missed yesterday's post!!

*Speaking of "chocolate", I am getting extra hippy from the unusual surplus of candy around here used to make all these gifts and treat boxes for the blog!! Sigh! The things I DO for you! ;)
**AND your manicure, so watch out!!


  1. Oh WOW! These are super super cute! I need someone to have a baby so I can make these!


  2. this is so stinkin' cute! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The box was a tutorial by Beate for one of the weekly inklings last year you can find under resources on SCS, I'm sure and definitely on her blog under tutorials for SCS (she has a link there)

  3. Such cute packaging ideas. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  4. LOL.........okay!! I'm all about buying chocolate containers for the "container"!!! LOL What cute ideas for the onesies!!! And I have some baby gifts to make soon!! Thanks so much for sharing these adorable creations!!

  5. I am so glad I found your blog! You have done some stinkin' cute things with those onesies!! And no one needs to convince me to eat Ferro Rocher! LOL I'm am bookmarking your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Yet another FAB idea. I love those Ferrer Rocher. Think that I would have a hard time not eating all three containers of them. YIKES!! I do try and make the gifts I give special.

  7. ohhhh I just bought this set And Love it !!! Im deff gonna try something like this Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas !!!


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