Saturday, January 5, 2008

Keep your Head UP!

I squealed with delight when my friend Donna emailed me this card she made today! Donna is an incredibly talented and funny gal, as you can see here (She came over and spent HOURS yesterday helping me get my blog ready and shared the excitement of my first few excitement, I just had to send her home with my set to try it out!) I was trying to figure out what I wanted to share before the release party since I have certain projects I've planned out toreveal on certain days, but she made my decision easy! I am so loving this curved sentiment for the string (it's a clear flexible stamp), one of my favorite things for card-making is substituting a greeting for a line, so why didn't I try that yet with this one? (Guess I'm just in designing mode and too focused on my pen now lol!) And could the greeting be any more appropriate for this image"keep you head up!" !!!! I MUST have it. Fortunately, it's from the set "Things Hannah Would Say" from Hanna Stamps!, which was already on my wishlist for the saying "Have a tail wagging day!" (Hint: the giraffe is not the only one wagging it's tail in my new set! ;) Oh YES, those greetings will be mine. And see how the backside, er, front side is popped out for dimension?? It really does look like it's looking round at you! And I love the glitter, layout, colors(Pretty in Pink and Certainly Celery), everything! Awesome job, Donna, thank you!! Oh, and where did the flowers go?? Did she omit them? Did I add them?? WAit and see!!

Okay, more sneak peeks to come!!! (You might be on the lookout for some other samples to pop up who know's where from a few other people who I AM SO LUCKY to have inking up my set!! ;))

PS She may not have been the only one to notice, but so far the only I've seen comment on the pic I used for my bio and GinaK's site, the answer is: YES, Su Gould, my over the shoulder pose was intentional to correspond with my set;) (my hips cropped out, thank you very much!! LOL! I guess that's my attempt at trying to be sassy! (or "fierce", any ANTM fans out there??)


  1. Donna's card is so darling...I love it!

    Congratulations on designing your adorable set! :)

  2. you are TOO funny! you brought a big 'ol smile to my face, girl! I guess I can post my card on my blog now, too?! let me know! oh and I guess my lighting is still bad. That's a River Rock card base. The colors were inspired by JanTink. THANK YOU! Oh wait til you see what I am going to give you next time I see ya (well if I don't POST it sooner than that!)

  3. I'm so excited for you. Even though I lost the best demo ever. I'm convinced no one can take your place. You are so very very talented.

    As you know I love the HIPPO! I ordered my set last night. Can't wait to get it. Best of luck.

  4. Super cute card, Donna!


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