Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When is a Square Not a Square?

Just what IS that little square stamp in my set? Basically, it's a little sign for greetings that my animal stamps can hold. But, of course, there are lots of other design opportunities not to be missed! If you are anything like me, I'm always looking for ways to make my stamps and sets more versatile, and in turn get more bang for my buck! Here are a few easy things you can add to the stamped square(and balloon) image, to give your animals a few options when they present their greetings and gifts, (did you know all these stamps were hiding in your set?) All you need is a pen*... :

-First, the simplest: add two lines at the top to make it look like a slightly opened "card".
-Second: Stamp the flower or heart in the middle of the square, and add two diagonal lines at the corners to make a little "envelope". (both pictured below) Take it one step further if you want(not pictured) by adding a triangle to the top, it will look like your envelope is open!
These are really cute ways to have them offer up their well wishes.
-Third(last row, above):- Try going "3D"! A little more complicated if you've never had any lessons in perspective, but YOU CAN DO IT! There's no time like the present!(sorry, groan, I couldn't resist!)Stamp the flower above the square, and add three diagonals from the corners, each parallel to the other lines you drew. Connect your lines with a horizontal for a "top" , and a vertical to make the "side", and you have a cube, or box. Now you have a little wrapped "gift". Adding a line down the front and sides are optional for a "ribbon wrap".

-Last, draw a curved line parallel to the large heart outline, add a line connecting it to the heart at the top and bottom, stamp flower or the pierced heart in the middle and you have a Valentine box of chocolates!
Hope this was helpful, and you have fun playing with these ideas and making up your own I haven't listed here! Please share your creative brainstorms, I would love to see! Which reminds me, I added a new page element on the right for "Hippy Sightings"! Can you help me keep it updated? I would so appreciate your letting me know if you find a card I missed, or you're "hippy", too! and have posted something to your blog I haven't found yet! I am so enjoying seeing all the wonderful ways they are being used, and so thankful to everyone who has a set, I want to make sure I don't miss a one! **
PS I received a couple lovely and completely unexpected "You Made My Day!" Awards, and I am working on a special post for my list to pass them on! Just wanted to say quickly now how much I appreciated it, and WILL be following up! :)
PPS If you're hoping to see something here more than hippys here, you will! I have three news Gina K sets sitting on my desk calling my name, plus a new SU! set that just arrived. It's been about all I can do these past weeks to keep up with my blog, so there has been very little time to stamp (but fortunately, I had lots of projects stockpiled and photgraphed to fill in the gap! So look for other creations very soon! and they monkey treat box I promised will be postedshortly, I just wanted to use a project today illustrating the "altered square" (but on my box he's holding flowers...)
*Make sure it's waterproof, like a journaler, which won't bleed when you're ready to color.
**I've only listed one card for her so far, but yes, I know Donna Baker has a bajillion posted (my biggest supporter!) Just go check out her whole blog, there's lot more there (than just hippys)to enjoy!


  1. This is sooo very helpful. To know there are even more options with this set is way coool. Barb

  2. three new gina K stamp sets? AAAAGGH. I can't even stand it! SO EXCITED!!!

  3. so very cute! going to have to try more things with the square!

  4. Oh my goodness, are you kidding? THREE MORE SETS! Ahhhhh. Jump for joy!

  5. That is very clever of you. I love your set and your ideas for it!


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