Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oops! I almost forgot, my peeps have all been so busy getting recognized lately I'm having trouble keeping up: please go cast your vote for Donna Baker's adorable Tic Tac Toe Set in The Just Rite Contest (vote on this link), you will have until the end of Monday night, 9/8 to do so! She is currently in third place, but I really want her to win FIRST PRIZE, I know we can get her there, her project is so stinking cute and unique! Thank YOU!!


  1. thanks, Melanie! I am ahead only 13 votes from 3rd place - so it's possible to even be bumped out! I hope not - thanks for the vote of confidence/shout out! *smile*

  2. hey we are all voting for Donna, and rightly so! Hang in there!


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