Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hip Hop Accessories Tip Sheet!

Here is a super easy card using the DCVW glitter mat pack for a background and three accessories from the new "Hip Hop" set! I punched these out with my SU! 1 1/4" circle, and then layered on my Cuttlebug flower dies(aren't they perfect with the flowers on this paper?). It may be difficult to seein the pic, but I added some stickles to each of the little accessories to match the paper. I created this sample to illustrate you don't always have to use the animals from my animal sets to make a card*, the little accessories work nicely spotlighted by themselves, and now you have mnore in Hip Hop. :) I also used three "greetings" from the set: "you're my", baby", and "girl". TIP: I love using DP with horizontal strips, it's such an easy way to line up and bring attention to your greeting.

Speaking of tips, I can't design a stamp set without giving you a tip sheet! Feel free to copy and paste this list to keep with your set, or you can download the word document I posted in the Gina K forum ;)

Hip Hop Accessories Tip Sheet

The individual words and greetings make the perfect little tags. They are sized to fit your small CB and Nestabilites dies, as well as SU! punches.

There are 4 "baby" versions of your favorite images from the Just So Hippy and Hoppy sets. However, they do not have to be babies, it could be a husband and wife, big brother/little sister,two friends etc... They are all looking up at the larger animal ("I sure look up to you!") if you choose to use se them alone, however, they look adorable watching the kite or the little butterflies from "Just So Hoppy".

The tiny umbrella in Just So Hippy is adorable with these smaller animals.

The bow can be cut off the rattle and placed on the neck, head or on the tail (as a little reminder?) of your animals to dress them up or make them look more festive/feminine.

The crown and party hat fit all the animals in all 3 sets. The crown is fun with "kiss me" and the frog, but can make any animal into a "queen for a day", prince, king etc!

The little kangaroo can fit in the big kangaroo's pocket (either cut the small one in half and adhere or mask the large pocket and stamp the little roo over it) or jump along beside the larger or ride on the tail(etc!)

The lily can be used on the lily pad or as an individual flower in their mouth, tail, hand. The pad can be givn a "stem" for them to wave like a big frond/fan!

The baby accessories make fantastic tags, accents and backgrounds in addition to being accessories for the animals to hold!

Enjoy grounding your animals in the new little grass image! Stamp it just under the feet and or at random at the bottom of your focal point or along a line to make a horizon

The greetings are designed to work alone AND with your greetings in the Just So Hippy and Hoppy sets. Many stand alone, but several you put together, there are hundreds (thousands?*) of combinations!
Just a few examples:

(Hippy/hoppy/so hoppy) together
(hippy/hoppy) holidays
hippy/hoppy) anniversary
(hippy/hoppy) Father's/Mother's Day!
queen(princess etc) for a day
I sure you look up to you DAD (sister, etc)
to the hippest new parents ( son, husband etc) around!
(So hoppy/hippy) you're my (mom, sister, dad etc)
I sure you look up to you MOM or
DAD I sure look up to you
you're my baby boy(girl)
you're my prince(princess)
you make me so(hoppy(hippy)
new baby boy

The different sentiments when paired together also work terrifically for the exterior and interior of your card.
I sure look up to you Dad/Hippy Father's day!
So hoppy you're my husband/Hoppy anniversary!
Dad you're my King for a day/Happy Father's Day!
Queen for a day/Mom of the Year! Happy Mother's Day!

"kiss me" is VERY cute with the frog!! As all the other two lines greetings do in the other sets, it fits in your balloons and sign. Many of the one word stamps in this set will, too (MOM, DAD, son, girl, boy etc)

As always, please email me if I've overlooked anything, I'd love to add your terribly creative and clever tips!

* during the release party, I posted this card joking,"this one's for people who hate animals..." Emily Giovanni was the only one brave enough to raise her hand LOL!

** hey, if anyone wants to try to make a list(generate a formula???) to figure them all out, be my guest! ;)


  1. Ohhhh.....do I ever love this more and more!! AND.......it should be at my house in the next day or two!!! LOL Soooo many possibilities that my head is spinning!! I don't think I'll be available for cooking, cleaning or packing for the move as soon as those little cuties "hop" into my hands!!! LOL Thanks for the amazing new stamp set and all the fun tips!!

  2. I can already tell I'm gonna have so much fun with this new set, especially combined with the previous ones! (Oh look, a mama kangoo headed my way!! And 2 little frogs ready to jump on me!... ;-) *grins*)
    I have been waiting for the set just to be able to make a congrats on your pregnancy card for my cousin! :-)

  3. Your card is adorable, and thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tips!

  4. So, so cute, Melanie! I cannot wait to get this set! I just LOVE all the little babies!

  5. Great looking card...thanks for the idea to use up some of the Nana's Kids DP!

  6. You totally need to make a thingy in your sidebar linking to your tip sheet posts, this is awesome and really helps to see the possibilities!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us, and I love your card!!


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