Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Will Survive!

Another little "survival" (really more "just for fun" here) kit to share today: this tin was super simple to decorate using a SU! Scrappin' Kit from last year (I used the materials in it to make the tole kangaroo card in a previous post, what was this one called again? "Friends"?) The trims are self adhesive (just peel and wrap!) and and the thin and thicker sizes perfectly fit around the narrow top edge of the lid and the wider bottom edge. I stamped the border image on the striped DP and filled in the two lines with Rose Red to match the paper. The small round sticker I folder over the edge to make it look like a little snap closure.

I used more materials from the kit to make a matching tic tac toe board for the inside! I added one of the rounded square stickers from the set for the board, sectioned off using my Basic Brown Journaler. I stamped my hearts and flowers from Just So Hippy on the orange and moss colored stickers in the kit, colored, then punched with my 1/2" circle. I topped them off with clear round tile stickers by EK success (the images fit perfectly under them!) and stuck little round magnets on the bottom (1.99 for 16 at Hobby Lobby). You can also use clear flattened marbles, but they are are not as uniform in shape and are heavier.
The magnetic poetry set* (which you may remember if you've been following my work long enough!) I made for my first Altoid tin for the Dirty Dozen gallery 5 years ago!! (back before Altoid started making "bumpy" tops!!) The tin was in a junk drawer, I never gifted it and I'd never played with it! :(I know, WHAT are we gonna DO with me?!) So NOW I'm putting them in this "new and improved" tin, will keep it on my desk (to try and come up with very inspiring quotes for you!) and then tuck it in my purse on occasion to pull out to occupy the kids(and myself) at all those places we WAIT.

TIP! a GREAT kit/gift suggestion that came from my Mom**: "The inside of a survival kit tin would be a great place to list emergency info such as allergies to medication or important medical information such as doctor info and illness (diabetes, heart disease, etc) and of course it can contain critical medication (nitroglycerin for heart, baby aspirin for stroke, hard candies for diabetes, etc) could be a real lifesaver for moms, dads, grandparents, anybody! In case of accident or medical emergency..could also include tips on what to do in case of..or how to know if you're having a heart attack or boomers are prime for this so your readers probably have parents or grandparents who would love this kind of gift"

Isn't that a great idea?? (See? Mom's lookin' out, too!) ;) I haven't made one of these yet, please share your version of one if you do!

Next post follows shortly!!! I have A LOT to share before the weekend, so expect several entries over the next couple days! :)

* easily created stamping a word background like By Definition or small phrases like Everyday Flexible Phrases (both used here), stamped on white paper or waterproof labels, then adhered to a sheet of magnet, and cut out. Really easy and fun.

**Moms know best! More about her tomorrow!


  1. this is SO awesome! of course I remember your first magnetic poetry tin, I made a few myself & gifted it (I am not quite the hoarder like you *no shame here* though) and the other I kept for my entertainment at my desk at work. I LOVE what you did for the tic tac toe! can't wait to make one for my niece when she gets older for a game!

  2. What great ideas!! I love the tic tac toe the best! This would be a super gift to give to siblings when they have a new brother or sister come home. Don't want to leave out the big brothers and sisters. Would be fun for an airplane ride or long road trip as well. Oh the ideas are endless!
    I am going to end up having a purse full of tins now..ha ha!

  3. Very, very cute!! LOVIN' that striped dp!!! I've got those magnetic poetry words all over my fridge!! LOL Great idea for a little survival kit too! Perfect for travelling, or summer camp for kids, etc.......your Mom is great!!

  4. I love, love, love this! It may be my favorite WIYT project so far!

  5. Thanks for letting us feature this project on INSPIRATIONAL.

  6. I finally got to make a tin of my can find it here! :-)


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