Saturday, April 12, 2008

"THIS looks like a JOB for..."

" If only running errands with kids were this easy!"* LOL!!!! (Skip the endless in and out of car seats, traffic, Wiggles CDs, just scoop them up and GO!!)

This super lady is "Maria", but she's doing a little kid swap today with Anna and Rebecca, while they're off getting manis and pedis, isn't that nice of her?? (yeah, they're all BEST buds, didn't you know?) I was SO THRILLED when I saw how perfectly the little children from Anna and Rebecca fit perfectly into the arms of all four superchicks!! (dont'cha just love how his little arm is looped over her shoulder?? like they were made for each other :)

Actually I was thinking of my mom and kids when I made this card.(but I was also thinking of it as great encouragement/pick me up(LOL! no pun intended!) card to give to a friend who is hardworking SAHM(we gotta stick together!!) The hair on the lady looks like my mom's , and I colored the kids to look like her grandsons! Jonathan and William are 5 and 3, not babies anymore, but these kids really look a lot older when you color the "footed sleepers" you thought they were wearing before to look like a separate big boy shirt, khakis or jeans, and sneakers! Both boys were stamped and cut out of the original Kindred Spirit images. I adhered the boy in her outstretched arm and pieced on her closed fingers over it. For the "hip baby" I stamped and cut out an extra Supermom arm to hook around him.

To add more depth and interest to give this single layer card, I placed one of my Nestabilities ovals over it to use as a stencil. I chose one that would allow a few elements of the stamped image to fall outside the shape (the "whoosh", the boy, the greeting) and sponged in some Cool Caribbean and Not Quite Navy ink. Hadn't made mask of her yet so I was just careful to go around her image. I tried not to go too heavy on the "5 o'clock position" so I could put my greeting there. A good idea would be to add your greeting first and then sponge around it rather than estimating. :) I started out light, and removed the nestie a few times to checkhow I was liking it, very simple to put it back in the the same spot since the color you've added will line up with the nestie. You can always go darker, trickier to go back and try to lighten it up!

The finishing touch: I love the dark ginghamy-plaid pattern on this wide ribbon, thought it worked nicely with the boys. Normally I would offset me tied knot to the left of center, but with the shape and positioning of my focal point, I liked it in the middle at the oval's top, kind of looks like an ornament. :)

What do you think? Who's you fave Supermom of Birthdaygirl? ! Are you ready to get them all now? More amazing adventures to come!

*TIP: You could make a LOT of humorous cards using this or similar inside for your greeting! "Saving the day, a kid at a time!"
"Minivan Shminivan!"
"Girl, you do everything with STYLE!"
Who needs a Suburban when you're this super??"

Leave me YOUR best caption/quip below!


  1. Melanie, I love your supermom card, great idea! Thanks for thinking of me in it, but I was actually thinking of YOU snatching up the boys when I saw it. And it brings back a lot of memories from when you and Paul were little.

    Hugs to you, J and W,


  2. Super cool card! :-)
    But it makes me wonder where I misplaced my superpowers!! LOL ;-)

    A possible sentiment for a card like that "You go, girl!" :-)

  3. This is ingenious! And you're right about it looking like an ornament. It could actually be made into one for mommy friends at Christmastime! Another sentiment could be "Mom, you lift me up! Thanks for the encouragement." Or something like that.

  4. Oh toooooo cute!!! I love how you're always thinking outside the box and giving us fabulous new ways to use stamps!!! And coloring the clothes to look like bigger kids!! Genius, Melanie, genius!!! What a fun card!!!

  5. This gives new meaning to multi tasking!!!

    You are so good at combining things and making them work together. I love that you show us all the different options we could use!!

  6. Melanie, I just love all the ideas you've been showing about how to extend these sets!

    You're sooooo creative.

    Glad you like the ribbon. ;-)

  7. You amaze me with all the clever ways to use these stamp sets! This has got to be the cutest one yet! I can't come up with a good sentiment for it, but I love what I see and the picture says enough about Moms and how they manage to cope! Nice job:)

  8. Love what you did on the supermom card!

  9. I love the card but even after looking at all the posts, I still can't figure out how you did that! Did you cut out the images and glue them to the card? Pardon me for being slow, must be having a moment! How do you do that??

  10. I love this idea for using your Nesties!! Thanks for sharing!! Your card is darling!


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