Friday, April 11, 2008

Look! up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's..."


The new Kindred Spirit images are getting RAVE reviews(yay!) but I have read just a few comments here and there that there might be some of you think they only can only be moms, or they look too young (or too old!) for you! So I'm going to be showing a LOT of ways this next week(and beyond!) how you can change up their looks to suit your purposes! Personally I think if you are a woman or send cards to women you can work( or should I say ROCK!) these stamps!

Something you can do if maybe you need to send card to someone that you don't think "looks" like any one of the images offered, order one that looks like you, as though YOU'RE the one on the front of the card with the special delivery! Here I used the Super "Mom" Naomi, and she's flying in with a card and bunch of flowers from Just So Hippy! I stamped and colored the three little flwor above her hands and sketched in some easy stems. I stamped and cut out her arm again so I could mount it over the envelope I cut out. :) I made this card for my niece who is 13! This superlady could be me(if I gave her darker hair), but it could also be her! Doesn't this super cute outfit work for a teen/tween?! She doesn't look much like"Mom" now, does she?? The letter in front of her (ahem!) bust makes her look like Super"girl", as do the colors and flowery pieced cape(SU!)... so really I think the majority of the ladies can be done up to look like a lady of almost any age with a little coloring and creativity! (that's what you all do best, right...??) And for me that's what's most fun... :)

I have said before that animals and people are my favorite stamp images to work with because of the many ways you can accessorize/animate them, and the new Kindred Spirits have loads of possibilites! You'll be happy to know that THERE are tons of images in the Gina K sets you already have, as well as ones we will soon be releasing! wait til you see! Tomorrow's card?? another SUPER one, oooh girl, just you wait!!! :) (rubbing hands together!!)

NOW, Short on time? Never fear! an even faster card is here!

This is the same card before I added my shadowing to the greeting and the ribbon(the yummy piece above is from Joanne :)

Super easy, still super cute!

Have a SUPER weekend, friends! ;) I'll be back with an award, more BRAK pics, and more stampin ideas especially for you!

TIP: When paper piecing, use your Quickie Glue Pen on the stamped area you're going to be adhering your pieced cut out to, not the little cut piece! I've been doing it the other way around for a long time but realized today it can be kind of a pain to try to pick up that teeny little glue covered piece of DP and flip it over! When you just apply the piece to the already glued focal point, trust me, the glue is in just the right place it needs to be because (say it with me!) it fits perfectly!! ;)


  1. SUPER cool, Melanie! I love how you can showcase a stamp in a such a versatile way that people immediately feel they can do it too--at least, that's what you do for me! I can't wait to see more! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. oh my word, this is TOO cute, I absolutely LOVE it! you're working on me, I know it *wink* I adore her paper pieced cape & great tip about the gluing of the image instead! going to try it

  3. What a GREAT tip!! I have so much trouble with the small pieces of DP. Thanks so much!

  4. OH yeah!!! What a wonderful way to adjust the appearance with the letter!! You are always so creative in finding so many ways to use a stamp and make it look like it was designed that way!!

  5. What a wonderful example of how versatile these stamps are!!! Another great card and love both examples!

  6. you always do such a wonderful job with any stamp you use. This is no exception! It's too cute:)
    Prayers are going out for Merri today, here's hoping she gets well soon! Have a great weekend!

  7. Love it! :-) I ordered this one too, first she's the one that looks the most like me or my daughter ;-) and second her name is Naomi, just like my daughter!!!

    And you are so right, you can use this stamp to have her deliver whatever you want!! ;-)

    I got Rebekah too (the mom carrying baby and with a little girl) I hope Gina will soon get the men and kids out so I can make myself a cute little family... :-)

  8. beautiful card great coloring as always

  9. When I paper piece I tend to use my little Xyron X, I think the official name is Xyron 150. It makes things into a sticker. Basically puts adhesive on the back. Works PERFECTLY for paper piecing.

    Just my two cents!

  10. I love your paper piecing and simplicity of this!! Great coloring as well!! Very cute, Melanie!


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