Friday, April 4, 2008

My Mailbox Runneth Over

Oh, that Donna! She just thinks she's SO sneaky plotting covert birthday card showers (and including deets about my favorite color etc) while I'm doing my own covert RAK shower LOL! A few hours after my posting not to send birthday cards, look what arrived in the mail!!
First a card (from Donna) the size of a honkin' album cover wishing me well at the spaahh!!! It's so big and over the top, I LOVE IT! I simply must make some of these ginormous cards myself!(but be prepared, you'll need custom envies the size of gallon ziplocs!!)
And this beauty from Rose Ann, it says "May All Your Weeds be Wildflowers" I've never heard that, I LOVE it! What more could we ask for? I love the blingy centers, these would be in the field of my dreams!!
Linsey Pontes sent this scrumptious red velvet (one of my fave birthday cakes) card, I just wanna gobble it up! makes me wanna go bake!!
Jessica Knight sent me this next card that I'd commented about how much I liked on her blog awhile back, isn't it FABulous??(At least, I think that's why she chose to send this one!!)
Carolyn King had to go against the red "grain" and send something green, but she was quick to point out she wrote her greeting in red ink (can you see it?!!) Silly goose, oh Carolyn I love you! You could send me a black over the hill card with a vulture on it and I would still do the happy dance! This card ROCKS!
Thank you SO much!!!! I'll share any more I receive here, and you can bet they will all be decorating my bookshelves LONG past my birthday! HUGS! :)

I am going to try an experiment tomorrow, only check my blog/email during William's nap. SO if you don't hear back from me right away (like usual!) that's why! I really wanna see how much more I can get done/spend time with W if I'm not checking the 'puter every 5 minutes! (I will say right now I have intended to perform this experiment many times before. It never happens!) Wish me luck!


  1. Happy Birthday! You will get more done if you can resist the computer but it is HARD. I have to set limits for myself! Good luck. (Maybe you can play catch up this weekend.)

  2. What awesome cards!!!! You deserve a spectacular day!! Enjoy it and don't worry........we'll still be here even when you aren't running to the 'puter every 5 minutes!!! LOL

  3. yea, you're not the only one with the sickness...I can't tell you how many times I check my personal email/google reader WHILE AT WORK!! Oh goodness, I'm so blessed with working for a CO that doesn't care! well, if they do--they never say anything and I know I'm not the ONLY one who does it! Hey, I get my work done, doesn't that count for something! OBVIOUSLY! I'm so glad I pulled off the surprise - forgot to tell you about my big BLUNDER last weekend about my nephew's gift (I will post it soon) anyway - you are sneaky with my gift! thanks again - it was a happy happy mail day (and in person day) for me too. LOVE all your cards - you deserve the goodies!!! Love ya, girl!

  4. Hope your birthday is a wonderful one. Looks like you RAK'd up.

  5. Happy Birthday Melanie! I hope it's a wonderful day - you certainly deserve it:)
    Just did some catching up on your blog - so GLAD Merri liked all her cards! Your Mom is a gorgeous lady and you really look like her!
    Best wishes for a very happy and exciting birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!!! Fabulous birthday cards...thanks for sharing! I'm so glad Donna gave me the heads up! Have a wonderful time at the spa too!

  7. HUGS and MUCH Love sweetie!
    Have a fantastical day! So glad to know you--you are an amazing artist, designer AND person..

    now....about that volture card! lol!

  8. Happy Birthday Melanie! Sorry I didn't get a chance to send a card on time! :-( I hope you have a great day and get pampered!! :-)
    I noticed you didn't mention your age... ;-)


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