Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Quickie!

I've got some serious shtuff I've got to work on to get read for the release!! So here is another card that started working it's way towards the bottom of my basket, I pulled it out and sent it to one of best friends this past week for her birthday.

The significance of this is THIS IS THE VERY FIRST CARD I made when my Just So Hippy set arrived in December!!(a warm up, if you will) Not a lot of thought went into how it would turn out, I was just hurrying to get it inked and colored, use a bunch of different stamps from the set, then stand back and admire it (not because of of the result) but because my drawing was now a rubber stamp-wahhhh!!

What I'm really not feeling so much is that skinny dotted ribbon at the bottom(proportionally I'm just not wild about the botton third, should have put a wideer mat under the ribbon), but I looked up after coloring(made the first one pink since Gina K had suggested we make it a set that would work for valentine's Day) and saw I didn't have any other ribbons that would go with it. Oh well! On to the next one, right??(Which coincidentally happened to be the one Gina K posted as her sneak peek for my set before the first release! It's good to warm up!) How time flies! I can't believe on Sunday we'll be releasing my 5th set already! Thank you everyone who is supporting my stamps, you have no idea how much it to means me! :) (high five!!)

Back in a bit! Hope your Wednesday is a good one!

Hint: animals ;)


  1. More animals, I am giddy to see your cute lil faces on new animals!!!

  2. Your 1st hippy *warm-up* card rocks! I dig the skinney dotted ribbon and those flowers balanced the bottom beautifully! Glad you unburied it and sent it off--no Melanie M. card should go unseen or un given (in my humble opinion)
    ;) waiting...waiting...till Sunday!

  3. I think this is PRECIOUS Melanie!! And what a wonderful memory of that first huge step!!! More animals!!! I'm on pins and needles waiting!! You KNOW they'll be in my shopping cart 1 minute after release!! LOL

  4. Animals?!? Woohoo! And I just got your first two sets... Well, the credit card company is going to love me, the budget/husband...not so much! LOL! And I think your mom's idea of the cards to our loved ones who have passed away is a great idea. My Mom struggles with the loss of her Dad (my grandpa) a lot. He passed away 2 years ago around Easter/my mom's birthday, and she always gets in a funk around that time. Also, Father's day affects her too, and his birthday. Now I'll suggest to her that she still send him a card! I think she'll like that.

  5. I think it is fabulous!!! I am getting so excited for the next release, I just pray I am home!!!

  6. This is adorable, love the sentiment!!

  7. This is super cute! I'm looking forward to your next release! You go girl!!


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