Thursday, April 3, 2008

YOU Made Merri's DAY! (& maybe got some candy!)

This is a card I made quite awhile ago, when the So Many Sayings Hostess set first came out! I loved this one in particular, since it had so many ways to say "I love you" on one block, I thought it would be fun to make a little slide viewer with some ribbon, brads, and punches so the recipient can move it up and down. :)

Now here's a little info I sent out this past week(which many of you have already read!):

One of my readers, Merri, had a stroke 6 years ago on Mother's Day. She was a stamper before the stroke but had to stop. Recently her Occupational Therapist suggested she get her stamps back out again as part of therapy so she has been working at it, purchased some new sets(including Just So Hippy and Hoppy!), and is enjoying browsing stamping sites and has also discovered blogs recently. She says they really brighten her day. I know from her emails to me she is a mom with a 19 year old girl in college, who is a swimmer and pitcher, and a 14 year old son (which would have made them 13 and 8 at the time of her stroke, so I think she must have been relatively young when this happened, and still is!). I can also tell from her emails she has big heart and wonderful sense of humor.

I would love to Make Merri's Day with TONS of handstamped cards at her door offering prayers and encouragement for her health, her rehab, her family, and her stamping. And maybe you could give her the link for your blog and encourage her to stop in and visit you! :) (Just so you know, she has difficulty typing and spelling because of her stroke, but you can sound out everything she types to read it, and when you do, you'll understand from her comments why she has touched my heart.)

More than sixty of you have got this email, that's how many people wrote to me wanting to send cards!!! And last night I got one of the sweetest emails ever, from Merri, letting me know the cards were arriving. I still can't believe I pulled this off, I have never been able to surprise anyone!! (It's a long message so I took the liberty of adding some punctuation and changing the spelling for her to make this a little easier to read, but the words are all hers, you can see the orginal at the bottom*):

"So I was sitting there minding my own business when the post lady comes along with the mail...would you like to guess what was in it, I think you may have an idea about it! Let me tell you something about it: they have come in different sizes, different places, a lot of different colors... have you guessed it yet? NO? Well I have some more clues, they have all mentioned how they are praying for me(trust me I need it hahaha) Are you getting warmer, no, not yet, well I have some more clues for you, all have been rubber stamped, some even with your set you designed, and all of them have been wonderful letters in with them all with encouraging words that bring warmth to my heart. Have you figured it out, you should because one of them and I won't use her name (Lee from CO!) might have put your name inside her card soooo this can only mean one thing Miss Melanie Muenchinger U R BUSTED GURL FRIEND!

Just to let you know how much this means to me every day I get all excited for the mail to come which is around 3 at my house and then I do the happy dance in my wheelchair, and it goes something like this:

I know it's hard to see but man, I look good and I know it! ( Now I have a few questions for you: Who is it that you told me to send a card to because I have not done it yet, is this a real person? I would be very happy to mail her one but when the cards started coming I didn't know if she was real or not...)

I don't have the words to tell you how this has made me feel thank you so very much to have taken the time to do this and answer all of the emails! Well I am sitting here at the computer crying my eyes out that some one would do this for me and the people that have mailed out their cards...Well, it is great and I thank them all, it may take me a long time to get them all a thank you but I will...Thank you thank you thank you!
Have a great day, Hugs & kisses, Merri"

This made me laugh AND cry, was I right or was I right about her big heart and sense of humor?? She's so feisty, I love it! Thank YOU ALL so much for showering Merri with your works of heart and prayers! I sent out a card to Angelina Lilavois, who was the first person to respond, and the blog candy prize pack (pictured below!) goes to Andrea Scoville (chosen by randomJonathan)! I appreciate the response so much I will also be sending out five more cards(also randomly chosen): to Christina Dean, Terri Earley, Val Shimodaira, Betty McBroom, and Pam Smerker. I wish I could get out a card to everyone but I am already struggling keeping up with my list of people I need to mail!!) Please send me your addresses ladies so I can get your card on it's way!

Now Merri asked me about the person I sent her info her about Yes, it is a real person, that could also really use a card shower/prayers!!! Curious about who? Want to send out a card? Email me for info to Make Someone Else's Day!!! I have another prize pack like this one (with a different card!) and I'll do another drawing from all the people who want to play!

My next post: I found I'm not the only one who's been sneaky this week!!!! Check back to see who!! :D
*so i waz siting here minding mi own biznes wen the post lade cums along with the male wud u lice to tace a ges wat waz in it i thinc u ma have an idea abowt it let me tel u sum abowt it tha have cum in difrint sizeiz difrint plaseis a lot of difrint colors have u gest it yet no wel i have sum more clus tha have al menchund how tha r praying for me (and trust me i ned it hahaha) r u geting wormr nooo not yet wel i have sum more clus for u al have ben rubr stampt sum evin with yor set u desind yayaya al of them have had wondrful letrs in with them al with incorageing wurds that bring wormth to mi hart have u fingurd it owt u shud have b cuz won of them and i wont use her name (lee frum CO) mite have put yor name in side her crd soooooooo this can men onle won thing mis melanie Muenchinger u r BUSTID GURL FREND
just to let u no how much this mens to me evr da i get al xsiteid for the male to cum wich iz arownd 3 at mi howse and then i du the hape danse in mi wheelchair and it gos sum thing lice this
i no it iz hrd to c but man i loc gud and i no it now i have a few cweschuns for u ho is it that u told me to send a crd to cuz i have not dun it yet iz this a rel pursun i wud b vare hape to male her won bbut wen the crds strtid cuming i did not no if she was rel or not u r a wondrful lade to have dun this for me i dont have the wurds to tel u how this has made me fel thanc u so vare much to have tacein the time to du this an to ansr al of the emails fel i am siting here at the computr criing mi i z owt that sum won wud du this for me and the pepl that have maled me owt the crds wel it iz grate and i thanc them al it ma tace me a long time to get them al a thanc u but i wil i luv wat u have dun for me thanc u thanc u thanc u have a grate da
{{hugs and kisses}}merri


  1. Aww, how sweet! I laughed and had tears in my eyes, too. I am so glad we made Merri's day!! Bless her heart, and your's too Mel for thinking of it! You ROCK, girlfriend! :) Kelly

  2. Ohhh.........I'm doing a happy dance in my head!!! So I don't start coughing you know!! LOL Anyway........sorry I busted you!!! HeeHee!! Her e-mail sure brought tears of joy to me!! This is just such a wonderful gift of giving!! I can also just read the total happiness in your "voice" of your post!! You are so amazing and it's such fun to go along on these journeys with you my friend!!!

  3. So happy it brightened Merri's day! It was pure joy for me!

    God Bless both of you and everyone that participated!

    Hugs all around!

  4. i am so glad merri loved her cards, thans you so much for helping us brighten her are a legend!!!

  5. OH, how cool, Mel! This was just a neat deal all-the-way-around! You are the greatest, gf! Merri does seem wonderful! hugs~

  6. How Wonderful! I'm glad she is enjoying the cards. I just got the thank you card from you today. Thank you! When I saw your post about the balloon bouquet, I thought it was so neat. And now I get to see it IRL and it's even better! Thanks again for the card, and Kelly (your first comment) is right, you do ROCK!

  7. Way to go, Melanie!!! You were right on, girlfriend! Such a happy post! Thank you!!

  8. I'm so glad it made her so happy! It was fun and I'm in for another surprise - I will email you right now. Congrats to the winners!

  9. Yea! I'm so glad we made her day!

  10. I have a smile (and some tears...whazzup with that?!!) reading today's post!! YIPPEE!! Aren't warm fuzzies wonderful when you get to read the joy someone got from receiving a card?!!
    (big ol' smile.......what a way to start the weekend!)

  11. Hey I love this idea I want to play again, I am going to get some U.S. postage.

  12. OMG!!!! I can not believe it!! I am doing a happy dance in my head (I'm at work and it just wouldn't be appropriate any other way). Thank you SO much! What an honor to be a part of this wonderful RAK! AND to win the candy to boot! I am a very lucky woman! Thank you so much!

  13. Bring it on! I need to put my cards in good use anyways... otherwise they just sit in a box... tucked away! :o)

  14. She sure sounds wonderful! :-)
    Thanks for being a part of this Melanie and including us in it! :-)
    Here's my card for Merri:


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